5 Advantages of Painting by Numbers

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Painting by numbers is wildly popular. This does not surprise us. You are being creative and working towards a beautiful end result. But that is not all! We regularly hear from our customers that painting by numbers calms them down enormously and sometimes they literally feel the stress fall off their shoulders. Our customers completely lose themselves in time and can’t stop painting! Painting by number shop has made a handy list of 5 benefits of painting by number for your health.

Relax with Painting by Number

Relax with Painting by Number

Do you still have your doubts? We have made a list of 5 benefits that painting by numbers offers for your health Painting by numbers:

Helps against stress & anxiety. The general insecurity that currently prevails all over the world can make you feel uncomfortable and suffer from stress or anxiety. When you completely surrender to your painting, you are (figuratively speaking) unstoppable. This will put you in a state of total tranquillity. This allows you to completely relax and forget feelings of stress and anxiety for a while.

Brings out the artist in you. As you roll out your canvas in front of you, sort out your paint pots, open your brush and dip it in and quietly start the first number, the only feeling in you is joy. Being creative releases a substance in your head called Dopamine. Dopamine is the ‘happiness’ chemical in the human brain. With it, you trigger pleasant thoughts and a good feeling in yourself. Who wouldn’t want that? And all this from the comfort of your own chair at home behind your canvas.

Make you forget all the negative. Currently, you are reading worrying reports everywhere, uncertainty all over the world. Actively following this can cause you to fall into a negative trans. Painting by number gives you an outlet for all the negative, your happy place where only you and your canvas fit. This allows you to clear your head for a while.

Has a relaxing effect. Painting by number requires a form of concentration. Paying attention to details puts you in a flow. This is the ideal way to completely unwind.

Gives a sense of accomplishment. Watching your progression after each painting session gives a sense of accomplishment. Just watch when the painting is completed, this provides an indescribable sense of accomplishment that cannot be matched by any other hobby.

Beyond these five benefits, painting by numbers is, of course, great fun to do! The pleasant colour, the flowing paint through the bristles of your brushes bring positivity anyway. Painting by numbers can be done anywhere. Even after painting dozens of paintings, it doesn’t get boring. It is and remains a wonderful hobby.

Are you ready for a new painting? Take a look at our Painting by Number collection or create your own Painting by Number photo.

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