5 Tips to become more confident with painting by numbers

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Even the best artists suffer from unexpected attacks of insecurity. These feelings are common among beginners. We have listed some tips for you to boost your confidence when it comes to a Painting by Number. Read the tips in this blog the tips to become more confident:

1. Start simple
Every artist, no matter how great they are now, started out at the same point as you. And if you are an absolute beginner, and you have never held a brush before, it will take a little longer to master the skills. As your work improves, as your painting motor skills improve, so will your confidence. So start with simple projects, such as our Painting by numbers for children. The paintings for children are a bit easier to start with. Once you have completed a few small paintings, you will have the confidence to take the next step.

2. Don’t compare yourself to someone else
It’s probably familiar to you, someone else has excited you to start Painting by Number. You have just started and want to start right away at the same level as them. If this doesn’t quite work out or you find it difficult, the doubts begin. So stop comparing yourself to others. As mentioned above, everyone started at the same point. Therefore, it does not matter if you are not directly at their level.

3. Love your mistakes
Even the greats in art make mistakes. Instead of interpreting mistakes in a negative way, the greatest artists deal with mistakes in a positive way. Take a cue from Bob Ross‘ popular quote, ‘There are no mistakes, just happy accidents’. So there are no mistakes, just happy incidents. Mistakes are the perfect way to learn. If everything went well, you wouldn’t know what could be better. So learn to love your mistakes.

4. Challenge yourself
The most self-confidence often comes when you decide to step out of your comfort zone. You do this by starting something difficult, doing something new or doing something you are actually afraid of. This provides a huge boost of self-confidence! For example, have you been wanting to make a Painting on Numbers’ own photo but are afraid it’s too difficult? Try it! If it’s too difficult, you can always put it away and refine your technique on the easier paintings from our range.

5. Keep your goal in mind
Most people see a Painting by Number alas a relaxing hobby. Remember, then, that it is your moment of rest when you are working on your Painting, this can also help to accommodate and dispel negative thoughts in your mind.

Have you ever been insecure while making a Painting by Number? If so, what has helped you feel more confident? Let us know in the comments below and who knows, you might help another artist!

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