5 Tips to reduce hand and wrist pain during Painting by Number

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While practising with a fun hobby like Painting by Number, hours feel like minutes. It is very easy to spend hours without realising it. Painting the boxes neatly, gradually seeing the painting come to life gives a tremendous sense of satisfaction. Be careful that this feeling of satisfaction is not taken over by another feeling. The feeling of pain in the hand and wrist.

Although it is not very common for hand and wrist pain to occur during the creation of your painting, we have compiled a list of (preventive) tips & methods. That way, you not only reduce this pain but can even prevent it completely!


This is a very common tip, it is very important yet regularly overlooked. Taking short breaks to look away from tired eyes, briefly stretching and stretching the hands and wrists. This gives you the opportunity to give your muscles that are under tension a rest.

It is easy to be busy for hours while painting your artwork, it is handy to set a timer before you get started with your Painting by Number. This can be in the form of a timer or conveniently over the phone. Are you planning a long painting session? Then the Pomodoro technique is ideal for you! This technique automatically sets a timer, it also easily indicates when it is time for your five-minute break!

Stretch your hands and wrists

Another but very crucial way to prevent wrist and hand pain while Painting by Number is to perform simple stretching exercises. You can do this exercise during your break and at your work table. We have selected a video with some useful stretching exercises that can help you reduce hand and wrist pain!

Make use of a brace

Depending on the core of the pain in your hand and or wrists, a brace can work wonders. A brace offers several benefits such as:

  • Reducing swelling
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Reducing pain
  • Reducing pressure on nerves

A brace allows your fingers to move freely and get to work on your artwork, but without pain!

Improve your workplace

A workstation that is not adjusted to your needs could be the reason you experience unnecessary pain. Sitting hunched over, constantly looking down and leaning on your wrists is the perfect combination for hand and wrist pain. Good posture is the basis of reducing unnecessary pain.

Many experienced artists use a tilted desk, this allows them to avoid leaning on the wrists, keep the back straight and reduce and prevent pain and irritation.

Make your own assessment of what works for you

Are you experiencing chronic pain in your hand or wrists? Then we strongly advise you to contact your GP. Together with your GP, you can get to the root of the pain, and through physiotherapy or other therapy, you can reduce your pain. Do you have other methods that have helped you? Please feel free to share them with our community and who knows, you might help someone get rid of their pain!

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