5 tips: What sizes can I choose for painting by number?

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Are you wondering what sizes to choose when you start painting by number? Congratulations, on discovering this fun new hobby! We fully understand that you might not know exactly which size is the best choice if you have never done it before.

Most people start small because it allows them to discover whether you indeed like it as much as they think you do. Incidentally, you will find that your skills improve, giving you increasingly beautiful results after each painting. The smaller sizes are ideal to start with so that you can then grow to the larger sizes.

To lower the threshold to start painting by numbers, we have recently introduced the entry size of 20x20cm. This allows you to start with your own photo painting by number for only €11.95.

If you start painting by number, you can choose from the following three popular sizes in our web shop:

  • 40x50cm: perfect entry size
  • 50x70cm: ideal for on the wall
  • 110x110cm: cover the entire wall with a beautiful canvas.

Starting with 40x50cm

Want to start painting by number? It is important not to order the largest size right away. Of course, you are eager to paint your own work of art, but it is wise to build up habituation slowly and become familiar with this hobby.

With a smaller size, you will make sure you master the techniques. More importantly, this way you can experience for yourself whether this hobby is indeed for you. For the first time, you start by painting different colors, corresponding to numbers on a canvas, creating a work of art.

Mainly the first time, it will take a bit longer before you get the hang of it. It can take some time before you can do it accurately and no longer make mistakes.

The ‘starter’ size is 40x50cm. This is the ideal size to start with and will not take too long. Besides, a 40x50cm painting fits in almost any room, for example in the office, bedroom, or kitchen.

Advice: are you looking for a smaller size or something in between? In those cases, we recommend the painting on the number own photo. You can then choose between the sizes 20x20cm to 110x110cm. The picture below is painted in the size 40x50cm.

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Larger dimensions: 50x70cm

Is this your second or third painting and did you like the previous ones? If you are looking for a new challenge, it is a good idea to try the size 50x70cm.

On paper, this size does not look a lot bigger than the 40x50cm size. Keep in mind that the length and width are larger. That means the painting is as much as 62.5% larger this way.

The size 50x70cm is ideal for the bedroom or, as in the picture below, on the wall in the living room. The size makes an impression and is a real eye-catcher.

The left painting is 50x80cm the right painting is 50x70cm.

Prachtig resultaat 2048x1530 1

The largest size: 110x110cm

Are you going all-in on the largest size painting by number? Then start with 110x110cm. We only recommend this size if you have already painted more than 5 paintings or if you already have some general painting experience. You will notice that the entire canvas is printed with more boxes and with many numbers, which are also a lot larger than when you use a smaller size. 

The difference between 50x70cm and 110x110cm is huge, you will also notice this by the fact that you cannot work on it at a workstation and will probably have to paint on the floor, or you have a large dining table. Completing such a large size is something that will give you satisfaction for years to come.

To invite more painters to choose the 110x110cm format, we are giving a discount code of as much as €20 for your 110x110cm painting in this blog. Use the code BLOG20 for 20% discount during checkout on your 110x110cm painting.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the right size?

When choosing the right size for painting by number, there are several factors to consider, including:
  • Available space:

    Consider how much wall space you have available in the room where you want to hang your painting. If you have a smaller wall, a smaller size may be a better option. If you have a larger wall, a larger size may be more appropriate.

  • Level of detail:

    The level of detail in your painting-by-number can vary greatly based on the size of the piece. Larger pieces tend to have more detail, making them more challenging and time-consuming to complete.

  • Budget:

    The cost of painting by number can vary based on the size of the painting. Larger paintings tend to be more expensive, so if you are working on a budget, we recommend choosing a smaller size. Or subscribe to our newsletter and never miss another discount offer!

Frequently asked questions

What is painting by number?

Painting by number is a form of artwork where each part of the painting is given a number and corresponds to a specific color. The idea is to paint each part with the corresponding color to create a finished painting.

What is the difference between small and large paintings?

The main difference between small and large painting-by-number kits is the size of the painting and the level of detail. Smaller kits are usually cheaper and less challenging, while larger kits are more expensive and challenging, with more detail to paint.

Can painting by number sets be hung on the wall?

Yes, many painting-by-number sets come with a frame and can be hung on the wall as a finished work of art.
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