8 hobbies: Why crafting is good for older people

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Providing cognitive stimulation, fun and social interaction for seniors through creative activities is important. A challenge here is finding suitable projects that take into account their diverse mental and physical capabilities.

Benefits of Craft Projects for Elderly

These projects promote both the mental and physical well-being of older people, improve fine motor skills and promote entertainment and community spirit. An important point of attention is to find activities that are not perceived as childish and are adapted to their capabilities.

Points of attention for Creative Activities with the Elderly

  • Differences in Abilities : It is important to adapt projects to the physical and mental capabilities of the elderly.
  • Preventing Frustration : Do not choose activities that are too complex or childish.

In these activities it is also useful to connect with memories and skills from their youth, such as knitting for women or woodworking for men.

Guidelines for Effective Handicrafts with the Elderly

Choose projects that are fun, suit their age and abilities, and ensure that seniors feel valued and taken seriously. It is essential that activities are enriching and not experienced as a burden.

Creative Opportunities for the Elderly and Seniors

Craft projects

For crafts with the elderly you only need minimal materials and a suitable workplace. Provide a spacious table, good lighting and a ventilated area. Use everyday objects such as magazines, egg cartons, pine cones and chestnuts.

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  1. Crafts
    Crafts with adults and the elderly do not require a lot of materials. A good workspace is essential for safe and concentrated work. Provide a large, empty work surface in a bright, well-ventilated room. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and gather tools such as glue, tape, a pencil and scissors. Use craft materials that you find at home or in nature, such as magazines, egg cartons, pine cones and chestnuts.


2. Drawing
You are never too old to learn to draw. Drawing is a simple hobby that only requires paper and a few pencils. For a more serious approach, you can use thicker paper or a drawing pad. Drawing books are available online or in local stores.


3.  Painting by numbers
Painting by numbers is a creative activity in which you create your own masterpiece by coloring in boxes with prescribed colors. This activity is suitable for both beginners and advanced students. You can try acrylic painting or watercolor painting depending on your experience.

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4. Cooking and baking
Cooking and baking with the elderly is not only an active activity, but it also offers the opportunity to enjoy homemade dishes. Consider organizing theme days, such as Mexican, Spanish or French, to coordinate the dishes.


5. Reading and writing
Writing can be relaxing, whether you write in a diary, a short story or a poem. For reading enthusiasts, there are book clubs or the option to listen to audiobooks and podcasts, which are often available online for free.


6. Audiobooks
Listening to audiobooks or favorite music can bring back memories and lead to good conversations. Organizing a music evening can be a fun activity.


7. Knitting, crocheting and embroidery
These needlework techniques are very popular among the elderly. With some wool and a simple pattern you can quickly make beautiful creations. Wool is available at markets or online.

8. Exercise
Exercise offers numerous health benefits. Creativity and movement go hand in hand, such as in dance activities for the elderly, including Zumba.

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