Acrylic painting for beginners: 10 Tips

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Want to get started with Acrylic painting but don’t know where or how to get started? Then don’t despair, in this blog we have listed 10 tips to get you off to a flying start in the colourful world of painting with acrylic paint. Have fun reading!

What is the difference between acrylic paint and ‘normal’ paint

Acrylic paint is a reference to painting with acrylic paint. Acrylic colours consist of pigments, binders and solvents. Furthermore, acrylic colours are soluble in water.

Acrylic colours are a fairly new painting technique, painting with acrylic colours is popular among beginners as well as experienced hobby painters and professional artists. Acrylic paint is very versatile, this is one reason for its popularity, if you mix the paint with water the colours become transparent and radiant, like watercolour. If you mix the paint with impasto, you get an effect similar to classic oil paintings.

What do you need for acrylic painting?

What do you need for acrylic painting?

The essentials that you need are just a few colours, brushes, painting ground, a water cup and a mixing palette. We have found some items for you with excellent value for money. You can easily order these online and get started.

  1. Colours, black, white, magenta, cyan and yellow
  2. Brushes: a larger flat brush of about 30 to 40 centimetres, a narrow round brush for details (about only 2 or 3) and a brush of medium size (about size 11)
  3. A stretched A4 stretcher frame
  4. An A4 block of acrylic paper
  5. Kitchen roll or an old cloth for cleaning and holding the brushes
  6. Cup with water
  7. A blending palette, an old plate, a wooden board or similar will do.

Products for acrylic colours


To start acrylic painting you need three basic colours, these colours are magenta, cyan and yellow, black and white are also sufficient. All other colours can be mixed with these. You can buy the colours separately or in a set. Check if the set contains the colours listed above, many sets are filled with random colours like red, green, purple, etc.


It is recommended to use quality brushes when painting, this will ensure that you have a better painting experience, can bring a more beautiful result to life and keep the hobby a lot more fun. The last brushes we bought cost €14.95. These are good for the beginner painter and the experienced painter.

Click here to view our range of brushes. Our brushes are extremely suitable for painting with acrylic colours. The brushes offer you the possibility and freedom to let your creativity loose on the canvas in an ergonomic way.


Accessories for acrylic painting

Our experience with buying professional accessories: You don’t need these if you are just getting started with acrylic painting. Especially if you are still discovering the hobby, with the accessories we have listed you can get started for a soft price. You can achieve great results with these supplies, you can add professional accessories later.

Acrylic painting: Brushes

Brushes are a sensitive issue, often beginners underestimate the value of good brushes, every brush does the same thing anyway, until you finish painting and all the bristles are stuck together. By then you can basically throw the brushes away. Low-quality bristles are damaged by a large amount of water, are not durable and can significantly reduce the overall experience. In the end, cheap will become expensive.

What are good brushes?

You can recognise a good brush by its stability, precision, durability and ability to absorb and release paint. There are brushes made of animal hair and synthetic hair, there are many different sizes and shapes.

Animal hair brushes have a rough texture that holds paint better than synthetic hair. Brushes with animal hair are therefore considered better quality. Personally, I use brushes made of synthetic hair, as I value other factors more in brushes.

One important factor is the length of the bristles on the brush or the processing under the ferrule. With a brush of inferior quality, the bristles are not long enough, they just come out from under the ferrule, these have no carrying capacity, do not shed paint as well and absorb paint badly. This can cause a lot of irritation while painting.

My conclusion: you don’t have to buy the very best brushes on the market, but neither do you have to buy the cheapest ones, choose a good middle ground that suits your budget and pay attention to the points we have mentioned. Invest in good brushes because it’s worth it.

What to look out for in paint?

Acrylic paint is largely composed of pigments and binder. The pigments are the visible part of the colour. The binder holds the pigments together and makes them adhere to the painting surface.

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In the shop, you must have noticed the symbols on the paint bottles. They describe the properties of the paint. A small square or circle, filled, half-filled, with a line through it. This indicates the opacity of the paint. The asterisks or pluses represent the lightfastness of the colours.

What colours do you need to start?

We recommend the colours black and titanium white. If you have paid close attention in art subjects, you will know that you can mix all colours with the primary colours yellow, magenta and cyan. If you already have an idea of what you want to make, you can already buy those colours and don’t have to spend time mixing them first.

What should you pay attention to when painting with acrylic colours?

  1. Protect your surface and surroundings well and put on older clothes. Acrylic paint is hardly washable, if at all – whether dry or wet.
  2. Use the right amount of paint, acrylic paint dries very quickly, it will be a shame if you use too much paint and then it is no longer usable.
  3. Clean your palettes and brushes on time, as you probably know by now, acrylic paint dries very quickly. It is a real shame if your brushes become unusable due to dried acrylic paint.

Painting by numbers with acrylic paint

With painting by number, a motif chosen by you is produced using water-based acrylic paint. The reason we chose water-based acrylic paint is that it has the lowest possible entry level for beginners. In this way, we try to make the hobby as user-friendly as possible. Do you want to start painting by numbers? Then you won’t need all the accessories mentioned above, our kits come with all the supplies and accessories you will need to get started right away. These accessories have been hand-picked by a team of professionals. We have tried to create the best possible painting experience for you.

Thanks to this effort, we can make thousands of people happy every year with great hobby kits. We hope you will too!

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