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In our wide range, we have many different painting by number animal kits. Many people find painting animals very relaxing and a fun activity. The nice packages in our range ensure a fun activity and ultimately a beautiful result. The result an animal painting should produce is, of course, a living painting. The details in the painting give you the feeling that the animal could jump or fly right out of the painting!

In our packages, we use acrylic paint to guarantee the most beautiful result. Acrylic paint gives a beautiful end result and is not difficult to use.

Starting with animal painting by number

Painting animals by number is something you have to work with step by step. You can easily start with the dark colours on your canvas. Start in a top corner so work from top to bottom and not from bottom to top. A common mistake is to buy a cheap package. With painting by numbers, cheap is expensive. For the best results and the best painting experience, we always recommend a better quality kit. In our range, you have come to the right place!

Painting elephants

When you think of an elephant, you naturally immediately think of its trunk. The trunk is the elephant’s most important feature. It is important to orientate which Painting on song elephant pack you want to paint. In our range, we have some elephants in stock. These are ordered today, delivered tomorrow.

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After choosing the right package for you, you can get started with your artwork, so you can decorate your living room with a beautiful African elephant.

Painting on a number pet

Paint your own pet like an experienced artist? Among hobbyists, this is the most popular form, a Painting on Number own photo. This is probably due to the personal twist this product offers. Many people have a pet, if you don’t have the talent to paint it yourself. Then you can immortalise your pet with Painting by Number.

In our web shop, we receive daily orders of the cutest pets. These include dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and sometimes farm animals such as cows or horses. Thanks to our years of experience in producing these pictures, we can safely say that this is a speciality of ours.

Many people want a beautiful picture of their pet on the wall. This can be as a memento for the deceased pet, but it can of course also be to honour your living animal. We handle every order very carefully and lovingly. We ensure the highest quality and the most beautiful result.

Would you like to paint your pet yourself? Then order your own photo of your pet here.

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