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Bob Ross, the legendary artist known on TV. Although he sadly passed away 27 years ago, he is still wildly popular. Bob Ross spent years in the air force, and all the while his passion for painting remained and even grew stronger. After 20 years of working as an administrator, his dream was fulfilled. In 1983, he got his own TV program, this program became wildly popular.

Bob is still relevant to many people; his videos on the internet are wildly popular and have been watched by millions. The way his videos are constructed, the calm manner and soothing feel of the videos, is a wonderful way of painting that people still get inspiration from every day.


The joy painting

The joy of painting was the television show Bob Ross made from 11 January 1983 to May 1994. Each episode was half an hour long, in this half-hour Bob Ross managed to make many different painting techniques mainly about landscape art. In this half-hour, Bob Ross completed a painting like a picture above. Creating a painting made Ross look so simple, within seconds he made trees, water, clouds, and mountains on a canvas.

No mistakes, just happy accidents

In the world of Bob Ross, things always work out. This is why the artist is still so beloved. His motto is in sync with ours. “Anyone can paint!” Even if you have never held a brush in your hands before. Bob Ross’ goal was to make people enjoy painting. Fortunately, he achieved much more. In a calm manner, Bob spoke to you personally, with a liberating belief in the malleability of talent.

Inspirational quotes by Bob Ross

Some people got sick of it, but its charge of positivity is something you cannot escape. Be happy with every day, find freedom in everything you do, and find joy in small things and the beauty in the little things. That is the brilliant thread in Bob Ross’s subtle comments and inspirational sayings. We have listed a few for you to make your day better!

Let the brush do the work. Have fun!


In your world, you can do anything you want

your world 1

Some happy clouds added…

happy clouds

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