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Here we are again with a brand new blog, this one is about our shopping experience with online discount giant Wish. As a competitor to AliExpress, a wide range of Painting-by-Number kits and bargain prices. Wish considers it important to review and describe this provider for our loyal readers, regular customers and artists-to-be who are keen to start a fun new hobby. Want to order Painting by Number from a trusted specialist online shop? Check out our extensive range!

My experience with Painting by Number on Wish

With a simple ‘Painting by number’ search on, I came across a wide range of paintings that immediately appealed to me. Nevertheless, I decided to order a painting that I have done before, so that I can even better compare the quality of our online shop with the quality of Wish’s paintings.

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After some thought, I did decide to order the Painting by Number lion pack. This can also be found in our online shop. Knowing that the package had to come from China, after ordering, the waiting could begin.

What struck me while ordering was the bargain price of only €8, for checkout I am required to create an account on I personally don’t feel very comfortable with this, but that’s something you have to be willing to do.

During checkout, I ran into the following, €3.05 shipping costs. This was unfortunately not described anywhere on the page, it’s a shame to only find this out during checkout. At this point, it was easier to complete the order than pick out a new painting.

The delivery time was between 10 – 40 days. This is very long for starting a painting by number. Want to start painting by numbers tomorrow? Then check out our extensive range with super-fast delivery!

What’s in the package?

After a solid 4 weeks of waiting, I received the package in the mailbox. The parcel still looked good from the outside, unfortunately when I opened the parcel there were firm creases in the canvas. This unfortunately reduces the painting experience.

The canvas looked good, the numbers were clear and a good legend was included. There were also three blue brushes in the package, these were of different sizes, this helps for larger areas but also smaller areas. The paint had a reasonable texture.

The presentation of the painting is exactly what you expect for €11.05. This is thankfully not a disappointment, it produced a nice result and with a bit of ironing work on the back and some heavy books, the creases were also reduced. It is exactly what I expected and a little bit more.

Conclusion and pros and cons at a glance

The conclusion about my experience of buying a Painting by Number from Wish is still positive. The price plays a huge role in the positive assessment. When I weigh up all the pros and cons, it’s a fun painting experience, a nice result and this for just over a tenner.

The areas were clear, the numbers were easy to see and this was a good starter kit. A painting with a higher level of difficulty can be intimidating for a beginner. This painting is ideal for someone who wants to be introduced to this fun hobby at a bargain price!



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