Buying a painting by numbers in China? Good or bad

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Some time ago I was shopping on Aliexpress, when I came across a painting by number, I hesitated at first before ordering anyway. What could go wrong I thought, just try it out, see what the quality is like and I can write a nice blog about it! In this blog, I will explain what my experience was with ordering from China. You can read my experience of buying on Aliexpress in another blog.

Painting by numbers

Receiving the package took a relatively long time, I had to wait several weeks for it. The package was filled with a 20x20cm painting, a frame, brushes, hooks and small screws to eventually hang the painting on the wall. The canvas was clearly printed and easy to read. This allowed me to get a good start on my painting.

The total cost

The costs about ordering from China are often cumbersome, in this case it was very clear, the painting cost me €4.49, the frame with it cost, €2.50 extra and the shipping costs were €1.50. This comes to a total of €8.49 for a 20x20cm painting including frame.

Buy your own photo Painting on song in China

I liked the small painting quite a lot. So I have become very curious about what the options are around ordering a custom photo in China compared to a custom photo painting by numbers from our shop. In a future blog, we will compare the services, prices, and everything involved!

Stay tuned!

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