Can I also hang my painting by number outside?

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Imagine… You’re sitting outside with friends and family in the garden and then your painting-by-number hangs on the fence or your gazebo. Isn’t that great! In this blog we explain how you can hang your Painting by Number outside.

The right list

The most important thing when hanging your Painting by Number outside is that you have chosen the right frame. There are two requirements the frame must meet:

  1. The frame must be 100% waterproof. Unfortunately, rain is not unknown to us in the Netherlands. It is also impractical to take your artwork inside every time it rains. You should therefore purchase a waterproof frame to protect your painting. In our webshop, we offer these frames, take a look at our assortment.
  2. The frame should be the right size so that your painting fits appropriately. Therefore, when buying the frames, check that the size matches your painting.

Choose the right place for your Painting on the song

It does not happen often, but there are days in between in the year when it is thirty degrees. That means it is as much as forty degrees full in the sun. Acrylic paint is of excellent quality but the paint is not made to stay strong for days in the forty-degree sun. Of course, it would be a shame if the paint grains and the result becomes less beautiful.

Therefore, make sure your painting by number is hung in a place where you have some shade. That way, your painting will stay beautiful!

So it is certainly possible to hang your painting on a number outside. If you take these two important tips into consideration when choosing the location and the frame, you will have a beautiful work of art hanging in the garden next summer! Do you also have a painting by number hanging outside? Let us know in the comments!

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