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When you start painting by numbers as a newbie, you soon end up on Aliexpress. And how beautiful the colors are and how attractive they look. Paintings from Aliexpress are unfortunately not the right basis for getting started with this fun hobby. The acrylic paint used on cheaper paintings is often of low quality. These acrylic paints contain little pigment and therefore offer a less beautiful result.

We recommend starting with more high-quality paintings from our webshop. This is indeed a slightly more expensive purchase but gives a huge amount more pleasure. And really. you don’t have to buy every painting. It is enough to purchase one painting to get a feel for what high-quality acrylic paint feels like.

What are pigments?

Pigments are dyes that are the most expensive element of paint. There are ‘real’ pigments and ‘fake’ pigments. The binder is the component that is combined with the pigment, creating a paint substance. This binder dries transparent. Thanks to the high-quality paint in your painting, the paint will not discolor. Cheap acrylic paint contains little pigment, this is also less well-ground. This makes these paintings by number very cheap.

What problems do you run into with cheap acrylic paint?

When you open the painting, and you smell the paint scent, you immediately want to start working on your painting. At first glance, this package seems no different from the better packages. The cheaper paint you receive with your painting is often thinner and more transparent. You look through it, as it were. This means you have to paint over the same patch more often with your brush to make it look like something. This causes the next problem, the paint runs out. It is virtually impossible to order paint from 9 out of 10 suppliers in the Benelux. Cheap acrylic paint covers very poorly. As a result, several layers are needed before you get a nice finish at.

After a short time, the paint will start to dry and you will see a greyish haze emerge. The intensity of the paint is poor and the overall result will be very disappointing. Creating a painting with low-quality paint can cause the color to change completely after drying. The color on the canvas will look different from the picture you ordered.

The difference in price

It is very logical that there is a difference in price between a low-quality painting and an A+ quality painting. The more expensive painting will produce a more beautiful result that will last longer and offer a better painting experience. Fortunately, the price difference is not that big, in our webshop you will find the most beautiful painting by numbers packages of the best quality for the sharpest prices. With our quality guarantee, we are sure you will have a real work of art hanging on your wall!

Accustomed to cheap paintings?

Are you used to ordering your artwork for next to nothing, but have you decided to go for a high-quality painting? Then you have come to the right place in our shop. Browse our extensive range and order your high-quality artwork today!

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