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Colours play an important role in our lives and have both positive and negative effects on us. Our emotions, feelings and state of mind are often linked to the colours around us. Discover the colours of painting on numbers!

Different colours have different psychological effects, they also have the power to change our moods.

There are many different colours that you may encounter every day, some make you feel happy or relaxed, hungry or maybe depressed. All the different emotions you feel through changing colours are linked to the cultural upbringing a person has had. This applies to the biological aspects as much as the psychological aspects of an individual. Colourful Painting by Number kits is a great way to play with colours and learn how these colours affect you.

What is colour psychology?

Colour psychology is a study on how different colours and shades affect your state of mind, emotions, feelings and physical thoughts of the person. We are all surrounded by colours, there is no doubt that colours have an effect on us, only the psychology on this is not yet developed to that extent.

Colours are subjective per individual, yet there are some aspects that are more accepted and generalised. Colours can be interpreted in different ways and forms by people.

For example, white is the colour of purity, calm and peace in western countries but a symbol of raw in the eastern side of the earth. This means that the colour white can evoke different emotions in different people, even when people are next to each other. Yet there are different colours that mean the same thing everywhere, take the colour red. Red represents alarm, helps a distress call or is used to attract attention.

Working on a painting-by-number pack gives you the opportunity to learn more about the different colours, what is your favourite colour, what colour repels you, and how the different colours work together to make a beautiful whole. Knowing about the different colours can help you make them make you as happy as possible.

Warm and cool colour tones

Colours are generally divided into two types, warm or cool. The red side is the warmer shades such as, orange, yellow and red. These warmer colours have a positive effect on your mental state. These make you feel energetic, happy warm and comfortable.

When these colours illuminate it also makes us feel urgent, urgency, anxiety or danger. Use warm colours to encourage yourself to be the best you can be. Warm colours are also great for getting hungry, haven’t you ever noticed that the McDonalds logo is yellow. This makes you more hungry, really!

On the other hand, you have the blue side, this represents the blues, purples and greens. These colours evoke the feeling of calm, tranquillity and peace. When used in a dark tone, these colours can lead to a feeling of sadness. It is also a symbol of illness, depression and feeling bad in general. If you want to stimulate the inner artist in yourself, choose a colourful pack, that way you can go through the rollercoaster of colours and emotions with a beautiful painting!

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Let’s look at colors that you come across in everyday life and have daily contact with. What effect do these colors actually have on you?

White – The colour white is the starting point of any colour. The colour white exudes innocence, purity, peace and minimalism. White is used for a fresh feeling.

Black – Black is not a colour you come across on the ‘colour wheel’, it is not made to mix with other colours and is not even a primary colour. The black colour absorbs all colours this means that a colour mixed with black will also become black. Some people like the black colour and other people less. The black colour exudes elegance, authority, and power. Black is also associated with mystery, sadness and death.

Red – Red is one of the most popular warm colours, it is the bearer of love and affection. It also symbolises danger, fear and aggression.

Blue – One of the most popular cool shades, blue describes calm, tranquillity and being relaxed. It is also a good indicator if you feel unwell, sad or lonely.

Orange – Another warm shade, orange is made by mixing yellow and red. This makes it the colour of life, energy and enthusiasm. It also symbolises carelessness.

Green – Green is made by combining a warm hue and a cool hue, yellow and blue. This makes the ideal balance between stress and calmness. The colour green is the colour of nature, this has a wonderful effect on us but can also create a sense of jealousy.


The effects of colours on humans depend on many different aspects. To understand your relationship and feelings about a specific colour, you can start with a fun painting by numbers package or participate in colour therapy.

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