Common Number Painting beginner’s mistakes and how you can avoid them

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Numbers painting is a hobby enjoyed by young and old alike. Painting by numbers shop offers a lot of different packages to choose from from the cutest cats to a painting by numbers of your own photo.

Doesn’t matter whether you are young and looking for a new hobby or mature and looking for a way to unwind. Painting by numbers is suitable for everyone, painting by numbers does not belong on the list of 100 best hobbies of the century for nothing. It is a fun, productive way to spend time and an activity that is good for the whole body.

The best thing about this fun hobby is, you don’t have to be a good painter or have some painting experience to create a brilliant work of art. It is all equally fun for an experienced artist and a beginner.

Despite the fact that painting by numbers is very easy for the beginner and the experienced painter, there are common mistakes made by an experienced painter like a beginner. These mistakes can diminish your painting experience and therefore, in this blog, we will explain these common mistakes and help you avoid them.

Buying a low quality painting

Buying a cheap painting is very tempting due to the low price, as explained in previous blogs, with painting by number cheap is expensive. Because of the low price, you will receive a low-quality painting. Because of the low quality, you will not be satisfied with the experience, and possibly ruin the entire hobby for you.

Choosing a good quality painting by numbers package will make the whole experience more enjoyable and satisfying. Completing a good quality painting will immortalize your art, and creativity on the walls. sends high-quality canvases in a strong box ensuring the quality of your painting. The high-quality acrylic paint is shipped in a vacuum bag and will arrive to you unbroken.

Not following the manual

Many beginning artists, in their joy and urge, will start painting right away. We recommend keeping the sample photo that comes with your painting so that you have an example of how and where to paint. This example will make you more confident while painting and improve your whole experience.

Starting with dark colors

A rule of thumb is always to start with dark colors and continue working toward light colors. It doesn’t matter which paint you use – acrylic, oil, or watercolor. Starting with dark colors will make fixing mistakes much easier. Another advantage to this tip is that you will learn more about different color compositions.

Start at the bottom

Another important fist rule for painting by numbers is to start at the top and finish at the bottom. If you are right-handed then we recommend you start at the top left, if you are left-handed then we recommend you start at the top right. Because you start at the other ends you will not smear the paint while you are painting.

Failure to clean brushes thoroughly

After the canvas and paint, the brushes are the most crucial thing about your artwork. Therefore, thorough cleaning and keeping them clean is very important to create a beautiful painting. In our blog, we explain how to clean brushes without damaging them. Check out our blog or click here.

Don’t make it a tiresome task

Painting by number is an activity where you can unwind, relax and even help to heal in some cases. Try not to make it a hurried chore that the painting has to be finished. Take your time and enjoy the process!

In conclusion

The main reason for painting by numbers is to perform an activity where you feel productive, affordable, and very relaxed. The above tips and known mistakes are not as important as simply enjoying the process and being happy with the end result!

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