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It probably hasn’t escaped your notice, the new measures are forcing you to sit inside longer. This creates more free time than ever before, around Christmas you still want to be active with the immediate people in your household. Then painting by numbers is the best hobby for you!

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History of Painting by numbers

Painting by numbers was invented in the 1940s by a gentleman called Dan Robbins. He came up with the concept of Painting by Number when he was designing packaging for a paint company. His idea was to help the novice artist by giving each surface a number, this provides clarity when applying the paint in the right place. Robbins’ inspiration came from Leonardo da Vinci, he found out that da Vinci helped his pupils by numbering the areas to be painted, he decided to do the same himself.

The concept of Painting by Numbers was first seen as commercial yet it caught on. Sadly passed away on 5 April 2019, his son has revealed.

Getting started with Painting by numbers

If you have only just discovered this hobby, it is very easy to lose track of it all because of the many different paintings. What is a difficult painting? What is easy to start with? These are some of the questions that often haunt a beginning artist. We have recently created the ideal guide to getting started with Painting by Number. In that blog, we explain all the ins and outs to get started with this fun hobby.

How do I know if a painting is easy?
Assessing the degree of difficulty of a painting is very complicated when you are just starting out, so to assess the degree of difficulty you first need to find a category from which you want to choose a nice painting. We have 300+ different paintings in our extensive range.

Decide what you want to do when the painting is finished
Do you want to frame the painting and place it in the living room or a small abstract painting that gets a place in the hallway, the choice is all yours. Still, it is important to know this before choosing a category. Making this decision also helps when choosing the right size, for example, you can pick a nice 40x60cm painting for the living room. For a painting for the bedroom, then you can go for a smaller size like 30x40cm.

Choose the category that suits you
Feel free to look around and decide on the ideal category, we have dozens of categories with items that are readily available from our own stock.

The degree of difficulty
A painting with many small details logically provides more of a challenge, it is very easy to make even for the novice artist, the only difference between a more detailed painting and a painting for children is the perseverance required to finish the painting.

View the paintings
These handy tips will help the novice artist get started choosing a painting, take a quick look at our range

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