Fun things to paint: from painting to a work of art

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Discover the world of painting and go beyond traditional wall painting. Whether you are new to the world of art or have some experience, this article will help you improve your painting skills and provide inspiration for your next project.

Getting Started with Painting

For Beginners and Advanced

  • Beginners: If you are new to painting, start with basic skills and simple designs to build your confidence.
  • Advanced: For those with some experience, explore new techniques and complex topics to further develop your skills.

Inspiration and Design

Painting Animals and More

  • Popular Topics: Many people enjoy painting animals. Think of lions, cats, dogs, elephants and other rare animals. These topics offer an opportunity to work on shape, texture and use of color.
  • Diversity in Choice: Our range offers a variety of designs and subjects, so you can always find something to suit your interests.

Tips for Improving Your Painting Technique

Techniques and Styles

  • Techniques: Learn different painting techniques such as watercolor, oil painting, or acrylic, and experiment with different styles.
  • Styles: From realism to abstract, explore different styles to broaden your artistic expression.

Replicas of Famous Paintings

  • The idea: Although original masterpieces are often priceless, you can put your own spin on classic art. Consider recreating iconic works such as ‘ The Girl with a Pearl Earring ‘, ‘ The Night Watch ‘, or ‘ The Milkmaid ‘.
  • How to do it: We offer paint-by-numbers kits that guide you step-by-step to recreate these masterpieces.

Nature and Landscapes

  • The idea: Be inspired by nature . Landscapes, seascapes or flower fields can be beautiful subjects.
  • Get started: Find a place in nature that appeals to you and try to capture its essence on canvas.
Diamond Painting steden

Urban Scenes

  • The idea: Cityscapes , with their lively streets and historic buildings, offer a wealth of painting opportunities.
  • How to get started: Choose a city that fascinates you and focus on a specific aspect, such as a characteristic street or a famous monument.
Untitled design 2023 03 09T112042.659

Abstract art

  • The idea: If you prefer to experiment with colors and shapes, abstract art is an excellent choice.
  • Tips for getting started: Let your emotions and intuition guide you. Use color and shape to express your feelings.
Untitled design 2023 03 13T170416.867

Animal portraits

  • The idea: Painting animals is both challenging and rewarding. You can choose pets, wild animals or even imaginary animals as your subject.
  • Approach: Focus on capturing the animal’s unique features and character. Pay attention to details such as the texture of the coat, the expression in the eyes, and the posture that characterizes the animal.

Getting Started with Paint by Numbers: A Simple Guide

Paint by numbers is a fantastic and enjoyable way to express your creativity. The process is simple and accessible:

Online Selection

  • How to get started: Choose from a diverse range of painting projects online. Whether you’re looking for something unique or prefer popular topics, there’s something for everyone. Make your choice from the many options available.

Simple Instructions

  • The Process: Each canvas is provided with numbered areas, which makes painting clear and simple. Experience is not required; you start painting color by color. This leads you step by step to the end result: your own work of art.

The end result

  • A Beautiful Work of Art: Even if you don’t think you are creative, you will create a beautiful painting with this method. Give it a try and discover the satisfaction of painting yourself. We support you with clear number indications on the canvas.

Discover What You Can Paint: From Idea to Artwork

Are you looking for inspiring painting ideas? Our extensive range offers something for everyone, both for adults and children . Explore the possibilities and discover what you can create. Even if you already have some experience, we offer new ideas and projects. We are happy to help you hang an impressive work of art on your wall soon.

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