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Are you looking for fun hobbies to do at home? We have listed four fun hobbies that we engage in almost every day! What is your favorite hobby? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Painting by numbers is a fun hobby for home, this is for a few reasons. The very first reason, it is easy. Even if you think of yourself as not being handy or creative, you can create beautiful paintings with Painting by Number. Whether you are looking for a colorful flower Painting by Number package or a more abstract painting. Our wide range ensures that there is a painting for everyone! Painting by numbers is also very relaxing. This is ideal for relaxing for a while. Or to escape from a very stressful situation!

Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting is one of the many home hobbies done by thousands of people every day in the Netherlands and Belgium. It can be done even without specific artistic arts, creativity, or with two left hands. Diamond Painting is laying down stones correctly on a sticky canvas. Doing this accurately ensures that you bring a beautiful work of art to life. All from home, behind your own workplace! Diamond Painting is very popular among young and old, so you can choose from more detailed packages for adults or a small package for children.


If you are talking about a calming hobby for home, you cannot leave out meditating. Meditating is the ideal way to mentally go to your own place for a while. Escape from daily obligations and forget everything for a while. Meditating not only has positive effects mentally but also has many physical benefits! It improves your overall well-being. There are many books written, paid courses or trainings you can join. Fortunately, you don’t need that to learn how to meditate.


Gardening is a fun hobby for the home. With spring just around the corner, this is the ideal way to start your little vegetable garden. If you have the space available to plant a vegetable, herb or a flower outside, gardening is a fun hobby to get started. Don’t have the space to plant a vegetable garden? A flower in the window offers the same sense of satisfaction and is just as much fun.

Planting, maintaining and caring for your plants gives a magical feeling, if you plant something edible there is no better feeling than eating your own vegetables!


If you are looking for home hobbies, Painting by Number and the other fun hobbies we have described above is one of the many options you can get started with! The trick is to find what suits you perfectly, so there are many hobby pickers who can help you on your way to finding the hobby that suits you!

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