How do you remove wrinkles and creases from your painting by number canvas?

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Hooray! Your painting has just arrived! You immediately want to get to work diligently… but unfortunately, you discover that there are some creases and wrinkles in your canvas due to rolling it up. Unfortunately, you often have to deal with this with budget Painting by Number web shops. 

Fortunately, our paintings are delivered in a protective tube, thus preventing these wrinkles and creases. Nevertheless, it can happen, which is why we have collected some tips and methods to get your canvas wrinkle-free again. 

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1. Use a heavy weight

The first tip is to use a heavyweight like books, a mattress, a frying pan, or anything of heavy weight to get the canvas flat again. All you have to do is lay the canvas on a flat surface and place the heavy weight on it. You can tape all four corners to the surface, only this is not mandatory.

2. Use an anti-wrinkle spray

Anti-wrinkle spray or anti-crease spray not only works on clothes, but it can also remove the creases from your canvas. Besides getting rid of creases and wrinkles, the spray also removes odors and the canvas will smell a lot fresher. Do check on a small piece of canvas to see if the colors will bleed or not. With top-quality canvas, this is often not the case, but prevention is better than cure.

3. Make use of an iron

We regularly hear that people are afraid of damaging the canvas by ironing. That this can burn or break the canvas. If your package specifically states not to iron, don’t do so. Then you can use the tips mentioned above. 

When ironing, always lay the canvas face down and put a thick towel on the back of the canvas. With a low setting of the iron, you can then easily remove all wrinkles from the canvas. Never put the iron on a high setting, because there is then a risk of burning through the canvas. Then the canvas will become unusable. 

With these three tips, you can make your canvas wrinkle and crease-free yourself. Do you have any other tips of your own? Be sure to share them in the comments!

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