How do you store a completed Painting by Number?

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Congratulations, you have completed your Painting by Number! Now it’s time to give your artwork a nice spot! You must be wondering what you can do with your completed artwork and how to keep your Painting by Number. There are many creative ways to store your Painting by Number, in this blog we explain the most fun and creative ways to give your artwork a nice place!

Painting by number DIY frame

There are lots of ways to store your Painting by Number, thanks to a DIY frame you can easily hang your artwork on the wall. Recently, it has become possible to have the frame mounted on your canvas by a professional from our web shop! This ensures the best results and the easiest way to give your artwork a nice spot.

The frame is the most common way to place your painting, this is why we recommend adding this accessory with every order.

Painting by number magnetic frame

Painting by number magnetic frame

A magnetic frame is a fun way to give your painting a place on the wall. The magnetic frame is easy to assemble and can be hung on the wall by a screw. This often gets the nicest reactions from family and friends who come over. They are amazed when you tell them that you made this yourself. A magnetic frame comes with two strips that you can position correctly depending on your picture.

Storing your Painting by Number

Storing your Painting by Number

A safe way to store your completed Painting by Number in a non-visible place is to give a cardboard box a new life, this is good for the environment and ensures that your Painting is in a safe place. Everyone has old boxes in the attic, use them to store your painting safely. As long as the box is bigger than the painting, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your artwork. It is even possible to put several paintings in one box, just make sure there is a plastic protective layer between them.

Keep your Painting on Number nice and safe

Storing your Painting is very important, this is also why we wrote this blog, you don’t want to get a tear in your canvas after the painting is done. Even if you do not plan to hang your artwork, it is important to observe one of the precautions described above!

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