How to assemble a DIY frame

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If you have ordered a painting by numbers from us with a DIY frame, this is the perfect guide on how to assemble the frame within 1 minute!

How do I assemble the frame?

These photos will visually represent how the process works and help you understand it better.


In the following video, we put the frame together within 50 seconds! Do you still have questions? Feel free to send an email to

Assembling the frame consists of three parts:

  1. Connecting the frame
  2. Attaching the canvas to the frame
  3. Fixing the drawing pins in the frame.

Step 1: Detach the frame

Once you have received the frame, you should disassemble the frame from each other, laying the different pieces of frame flat on a clean, dry, and flat surface. Leave the drawing pins in the box while we are busy assembling the frame.

Step 2: Identify the right vertices

If you have a square frame it is of course a lot easier, then you can connect the frames together and simply slide them into each other. If you have two long and two short sides then you need to join the frame together as a rectangle. Make sure you connect the smooth and straight sides all on the same side and connect the stouter sides on the same sides too.

There are holes in the corners of the frame, they are made to fit together and no other tools need to be used. It is very simple to connect the corners together, at a 90-degree angle, and press the corners together. This creates a wooden frame for your painting.

Step 3: Attach the vertices together

Unfold your canvas if you have not already opened it. If you have the canvas attached to an easel or something else, you will need to loosen it. It is possible that canvases may wrinkle after a longer period of time. We remove wrinkles using the “iron method”. Put the iron on and place the canvas flat on the table with a cloth and or rug on top. Make sure the blank side is up. Now iron the canvas and the corners straight so that the canvas folds easily around the frame.

Step 4: Position the canvas

Stretch out the canvas and start folding it according to the size of the frame, making sure everything is folded in a straight line. Firmly attach each corner of the canvas to a corner of a frame with a drawing pin. It is possible to connect both corners with a drawing pin to create more strength.

Throughout this process, make sure the frame is tightly attached and there are no loose pieces on your canvas. For more strength, you can use more drawing pins.

Step 5: Hang it up!

Tadaaaa! Here it is, you have attached your own artwork to your own frame! What an achievement. Now you can hang the frame anywhere you want.

You are now all set for tying your own photo painting by numbers to a DIY frame!

Where can I buy a DIY frame?

It is possible to purchase a do-it-yourself frame with your painting, which can be done with the handy checkbox, so you indicate whether you want a frame with your painting. If you choose the frame, you will receive a high-quality frame.

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