How to choose the perfect photo for your own photo painting on numbers?

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We get emails every day asking if a photo is appropriate to make a custom photo painting by number artwork out of it. In this blog, I’m going to explain to you what to look out for while ordering your own photo painting by number! Are you curious already? Read on quickly! Already informed about all the tips? Then order your own photo painting by numbers right here!


What kind of photo gives the best results?

To create a beautiful work of art from your own photo painting by number, you need to pay attention to a few things.

  1. Exposure We have had several submissions from individuals where the sun was shining on the back. That is a very nice photo of course! Unfortunately, it is very difficult to print such photos beautifully. If you upload a photo of people in a home or other location, make sure the people’s faces are well exposed! This creates the most beautiful result. This will prevent weird spots on your painting, this is a crucial factor for a nice result.
    Shadow and the angle of the photo It is very difficult to create and print
  2. shadows and depth on a painting by number. This can make the people suddenly unrecognizable in the photo. This often happens with photos taken in sunny places, keep in mind that the shadow is not good for the result of your painting by number. The angle of the photo is also very important to make sure the people in a photo are close to the camera. Zooming a photo makes it easy to capture facial features.
  3. People in a photo It is important that if people are to be printed on a painting, they are not too far away. This makes it difficult to create details and you get a less beautiful result. This is one reason why we regularly reject photos. If you do want a photo in which people are further away from the camera, the size of the painting should be considerably larger.
  4. Detailed photos If you have a photo that shows a lot of details and would create a nice result as a painting by number, we recommend going for a larger size. It will make a memory to never forget and give your home/room a brilliant atmosphere.

Painting by numbers control

When we receive a submission of a painting by number, we do not normally check all the photos. We check a few submissions a day because it takes us a reasonable amount of time to check the photos. We will then give you tailored advice with a personal level of customer service.

You are ready for your painting!

After reading this blog, you are all set to order a painting that would give you the best result! We hope you got a lot out of these tips, if you can’t figure it out? Then you can send us a message via the Facebook chat at the bottom right and we will give you personal customer service at a high level!

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