I have paint left over, what should I do with it? 🎨

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Have you completely finished your artwork and still have paint left over? We have a fun solution for that that will benefit you! Starting today, YOU can send us your leftover paint pots for Painting by Number! Per 10 pots we receive from you, we will offer you €2,50 shop credit, in one photo painting there are easily 24 pots, that’s €6 shop credit, count your profit! This is much better for the environment. Are you short of paint? You can always order extra paint from our webshop!

What can I do with leftover paint?

The process is as follows;

  1. Je fill in the form at the bottom of the page, if possible we would like to receive a photo of the paint so we can assess whether it is still in good condition.
  2. After the assessment and e-mail contact, we will send you the return address where you can send the paint. Shipping costs are for the buyer, the paint can be sent with 1 or 2 stamps. We advise you to include a note with your order number/e-mail address to make the next steps easier.
  3. Once everything is received in good condition and the physical check has passed, we will send your shop to goods based on the number of pots of paint we have received back from you.
  4. Please check that the pots of paint are properly sealed so that no air can get in and the paint dries out!

Eligibility condition for the shop too good

  1. The pots of paint must be in good condition, they must not be damaged.
  2. The paint must not be dried out and must arrive in good condition.
  3. Mention your details in the envelope so we can recognize who the paint belongs to.

Order painting by numbers accessories

Have you received your painting but are you missing paint, want to try premium brushes, or take your painting on holiday? Recently, we have a special page just for painting by numbers accessories. Here you can order everything you need for your painting!

Fill in the contact form

Fill in your details here for a request to return leftover pots of paint, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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