Making a painting by number from your own photo 🖼️ 🎨

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Painting your own photo on a number

Creating a painting by number is an excellent way to relax. You turn off the world and focus only on your painting. Gradually, you will see your painting come to life, and the end result will be very satisfying. This is your work of art. Besides the regular offer we have, we also offer paintings by number with your own photo on it. This allows you to capture your favorite memories in a painting, which will stay with you forever. A painting by numbers with your own photo on it is also a perfect gift because it is so convenient to use.

Ordering a painting by number with your own photo on it is simple. You just add a photo. You can choose anything; a special or precious moment, a pet, a funny photo with friends or family, and so on. We recommend going for a good quality photo to create a perfect end result. You can also choose the size of the painting. If you don’t know which size suits your photo best, contact us. We will be happy to help you determine the perfect size.

To paint by number, you do not need many resources. So a painting is easy to store, and does not take up much space. Your order will be put together into a package. Besides the canvas with your own photo, you will also receive a number of brushes. These have different thicknesses, so you can work as efficiently as possible and work accurately in the smallest corners. The thicker brush can be used for somewhat larger areas. Of course, the paint pots are also included. On each paint pot is the corresponding number. Et voilà, you can now get started with your painting!

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