Mother’s Day crafts 16+ craft ideas for a homemade gift

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Looking for a beautiful handmade gift for Mother’s Day? Discover one of these 16 unique craft ideas. Because gifts you make yourself for Mother’s Day really are the most fun! We are curious to see what you will create.

More than 16 unique ideas to craft for Mother’s Day

1. Diamond painting your own photo

Crafting a Mother’s Day gift is great fun, especially if it can be done with a precious photo of you together. Making a diamond painting is very easy, depending on the size it can also be made very quickly. A Diamond painting own photo is the most unique way to immortalise a precious photo and a work of art that incorporates your creativity, effort, love and time. This is a gift that would hang in the living room for years and something you will be proud of yourself too. Making a diamond painting can be done at several hobby shops in the netherlands, we offer this service with the fastest delivery time in the Benelux and the most complete package. Would you like to craft a diamond painting own photo for Mother’s Day? Then you have come to the right place at!

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2. Personalised boulder

Do you see your mother as a true rock? Choose a smooth pebble and transform it into a special Mother’s Day pebble. You can do this by painting the pebble or drawing on it with acrylic markers. Add cute feet, a smiling face and maybe some ‘hair’ from a feather or some yarn. When you are happy with how it looks, attach the pebble to a heart with the words “Mum, you’re amazing!”.

3. Make a unique Mother’s Day ornament with polymer clay.

Polymer clay is the perfect medium for creative hands. Why not make an elegant bracelet, a stylish ring or even both as a gift for Mother’s Day? The fantastic thing about this clay is its effortless flexibility and malleability. Whatever your age, the joy of claying has no age limit and the end result will always be charming. For some inspiration, watch the video above demonstrating how to make a chic twister bracelet or a marble effect bracelet along with a beautiful ring. A handmade gift for Mother’s Day is always special, don’t you think?


4. Craft a foam clay picture frame for Mother’s Day

Mothers’ happiness often lies in the little moments with their children. That is why a handmade picture frame with your image inside makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Try crafting with foam clay, available at shops like Action. Use our free downloadable picture frame patterns, select your favourite design and cut it out of sturdy paper or cardboard. Decorate the front of the frame with the foam clay. On the back, attach your photo. Want to hang it up? Then simply add a cord. Alternatively, you can attach magnetic paper (available from to the back so it can be hung on the fridge. The nice thing about foam clay is that it dries naturally in the air.


5. Painting on number own photo

For Mother’s Day, a unique and personalised gift idea is to give a painting-by-number set based on your own photo. Choose a treasured photo of a special moment, such as a family holiday, a child’s photo or a portrait of the family, and have it turned into a painting-by-number canvas. The set comes with all the necessary colours of paint and brushes, so your mum, or you together, can bring the artwork to life step by step. The end result is not only a beautiful hand-painted painting, but also a lasting memory of a moment you cherish together.


6. Make happy socks

Surprise your mum with personally designed socks. Start with a pair of basic colour socks and give the kids textile markers with which to draw their own creations. Add a homemade label, attached with a simple seam, and you have a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day!


7. Clay heart tray for jewellery

Create a special place for mum’s jewellery with an adorable clay heart dish. Use air-drying clay, shape it using our printable and paint it after drying to make it more personal.

8. Bookmark especially for Mother’s Day

Make reading time special with a handmade bookmark. Decorate an ice stick with colourful materials and attach a string of beads at the end for an extra touch of flair.


9. Wool fabric wall decoration

Bring some retro charm into your home with a hand-woven wall pendant. Follow the steps in our accompanying video to create your own masterpiece.


11. Flower pendant made from disposable cups

Turn disposable cups into cheerful flower pendants. After decorating the cup, fill it with flowers for a sparkling addition to Mother’s Day.


12. Salt dough tea light holder

Create an atmospheric light source with a homemade salt dough tea light holder. Add decorations before baking or paint it after baking to make it extra special.


13. Polymer clay candle holder

Made from polymer clay, this versatile candle holder is perfect for older children to express their creativity and make a functional gift for mum.


14. Paper flowers and butterflies

Everlasting blooming flowers made of paper are a lovely gesture for Mother’s Day. Add a butterfly with a special message for an extra special touch.

15. Shrink wrap key ring with handprint

This unique key ring, made with a handprint on shrink wrap, is sure to become mum’s favourite accessory.


16. Lantern for Mother’s Day

For those cosy evenings outside: a homemade lantern. Use a glass jar, decorated with flowers made from fingerprints, and add a colourful pendant for that extra bit of charm.

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