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The most popular painting from our online shop now is the Own Photo Painting, or also called a custom painting, own design painting, or painting by number own photo. It’s a great way to turn your favorite photo into a beautiful Painting by Number! And that’s just crazy. But did you know that there is a lot involved? In this blog, we explain the most important things you need to take into account when ordering a Painting on number photo from paintingbynumbers-expert.co.uk.

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Your favorite photo or image

This is at the heart of the whole process. Everything actually stands or falls with this. To clarify this, we would like to briefly explain how we produce a Painting by Number.

When designing and printing a Painting by Number, the photos we receive are enlarged up to a thousand times by a special computer program. Together with the professionals from our design team, the computer selects the pixels and then converts them into numbers on the canvas. Each individual pixel is thus assigned to the color of the background.

Before you decide to upload a photo, remember the following; although the image will certainly look beautiful on your phone, some images simply won’t be beautiful as Painting by Number. The most important thing is to consider the quality of the photo. It must be of such quality for a nice result. Is your photo blurry or out of focus? Then you can send the photo to us and we will try to make it sharp for you.

The colors should be bright and choose a photo with almost no shadows, especially in faces. Paintings will automatically be one shade darker, which means that the more shadows, the darker those parts of the photo will be.

Choice of dimensions

The size choice is very important. When choosing the right size, there are two important things to consider. 1: Painting size, what size should my painting be? 2: Painting orientation, do I need a landscape, portrait, or square canvas?

To start with, you need to look at how many people are in the picture. Is there only one person in the picture? Then you can choose at least the 30x40cm size. But do you want a nice painting of a family photo? Then you will soon be at the size 40x60cm.

No worries, we check everything!
Every order received by us is manually checked by one of our professionals. For example, we check every photo for light, size, shadows, and overall result. Do we think you would get a better result in a different size? We will send you an e-mail about this immediately. This way we guarantee the best results! We offer this service completely free of charge. This corresponds to our motto: we would rather create a lasting memory than a quick sale!

Two beautiful results of 50×70 and 50x90cm

Choose super quality

Quality makes all the difference in this market. First of all, the Painting by Number photos from paintingbynumbers-expert.co.uk are made with a lot of care and love. We do everything we can to transform your photo into a beautiful Painting by Number photo. Where other suppliers blindly print your photo in an automated process on a low-quality canvas, we look carefully at your submitted photo. 

Whereas other providers let you take the initiative and you have to contact them. We will contact you if we notice a change in your image. Then we will let you know. 

Finally, this goes without saying, we produce your image on a high-quality canvas, with premium brushes, together with the smoothest and creamiest textured paint. With our total package, you can get started right away with your new Painting on your number own photo!

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