Painting by number: 3 tips for choosing the right picture

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Would you like to make your Painting by Number just a little more personal? Then perhaps creating a Painting on number with your own photo is something for you. We at the Painting on Number shop check every picture after placing an order – this service is completely free. These tips will make your Painting on number photos even more beautiful.

Tip 1: Choose high quality photos

This may sound very logical, yet we regularly see people sending in low quality photos. As a result, the final result of the painting will be a bit less. Therefore, pay attention to the following points:

  • The resolution of the photo: when you zoom in, the photo should not be blurry or very lacking in detail.
  • The incidence of light: photos with good incidence of light ensure that details are clear and visible. Therefore, avoid photos with large shadows, very dark or taken at night.
  • The number of pixels: the larger the photo, the more pixels, so this ensures a more beautiful result and higher quality.

Tip 2: Pay attention to colours and shadows

We often receive the question, why is the black part pars? or why is the white part beige? In an age of filters, overlays and colour changes, it is quite normal to edit your photos. Yet we often ask you not to place filters over the photos you order. The colours may vary because of these filters, we still do our best to make a beautiful result. Even if you think the painting will not look nice with the chosen colours, we always recommend finishing the paintings and you will always be amazed by the result!

Tip 3: Choose the right format

In a previous blog, we already touched on the different sizes and what is the right size for your painting. The size depends on the number of details that can be seen, which size best suits your picture. But fear not, every image is manually checked for size, quality and if another size gives a nicer result or the photo is not suitable, you will always be informed. This way, we avoid less beautiful results and can guarantee our quality.

Do you have any experience with painting on a number from our range? Then leave your experience in the comments! We are curious.

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