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Are you already feeling nervous, staring at a blank canvas? Have you bought a nice Painting by Number but do not dare to start yet because you have not mastered the best painting techniques? Are you afraid of making mistakes and thus rendering the canvas unusable? Don’t worry, you are not alone! This uncertainty is very normal, especially when you are getting started with something new. In this blog, we share Painting by Number experiences with you. Combined with the useful tips and methods in this blog, we hope to get you ready for a wonderful painting experience.

The best rule of thumb to remember is that this is a hobby that is relaxing and enjoyable. This fun experience will give you and push to handle stress better. Try to overcome whatever holds you back and enjoy this wonderful hobby!

You have already found our website, which means you are already a fan of Painting by Number or want to learn about the useful techniques we have selected and compiled for you. At you are never alone, the customer is always number 1 and we do our best every day to provide you with the best customer service. For all your questions you can contact our customer service. We also have a team of active painters and blog writers who provide you with the best blogs to find the solution to your problem. For example, we have created a starter’s guide this year that was very well received and explains in detail how you can get started with this great hobby!

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The best way to make your painting experience top notch is to arm yourself with a lot of tips and tricks so that you have the right knowledge to create the most beautiful Painting by Number package. Are you looking for this kind of information? Then feel free to read on and you will find lots of answers!

What is Painting by numbers adults?

Painting by numbers is a niche in the DIY hobby corner. Invented more than 50 years ago, this fun hobby is growing daily with many new hobbyists throwing themselves into a beautiful work of art. Want to learn more about the history of Painting by Number? Then read our blog about it!

Painting by numbers is made for adults and children, people who have a love of animals, nature or landscapes. There is something for everyone.

In Painting by Number, the canvas is numbered with corresponding colours with this same number. You paint each box with the right colour and thus create a beautiful acrylic painting. Which you painted yourself without any painting experience!

What’s in a Painting by Number pack?

The packages in our online shop are fully equipped with everything you need to get started on your artwork right away. For example, our packages include:

  • A high-quality canvas
  • Three brushes of different sizes so you can paint the boxes more easily
  • A reference sheet to check the painting if something goes wrong
  • And of course, not forgetting the beautiful and colorful pots of paint to bring your painting to life!
Toebehoren SONW

Advantages of Painting by numbers

Excellent quality, diversity in formats and the beautiful packages, as well as the ability to soak fantastic paintings to life using Painting by Number. Without spending years studying art. Our customers are able to cite endless examples of the benefits this hobby has brought them.

Although many people consider this hobby simple, it contains many benefits. Indeed, Painting by Number is suitable for everyone and is not only fun to practice, but can also provide benefits for your mental and physical health.

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Anxiety and stress

Do you want to feel relaxed, calm and happier? Then painting might be the solution for you, whether it is with acrylics or water colours. Being artistic is one of the easiest ways to get rid of stress and anxiety. You can shift and forget your worries, and stress for a few hours. Even if you have two left hands, you can paint a beautiful canvas with Painting by Number.


As the painting progresses and you are further and further along in completing your artwork, you may experience a sense of joy and a considerable achievement that you will be proud of. This greatly enhances your creativity and your self-confidence!


Painting by numbers can help increase your focus and concentration. Among other things, this is very effective for young children. Just like meditating, painting a pattern can help you improve concentration. Many customers of Painting-by-Number Shop confirm that their concentration has improved after they started this hobby.


Painting by numbers is a very step-by-step process, which means a lot of patience is expected of you. Painting the boxes patiently, neatly and with concentration ensures that the circle is complete and you get the optimum benefits from this hobby!

Cognitive and motor coordination skills

Painting by numbers is very effective for improving your motor and cognitive skills. All you need for this is a brush, paint and a canvas!

Painting by numbers is NOT cheating

Is Painting by number cheating? Can you claim to be a real artist if you have “only” painted by number? Can you be proud of it then?

Well Painting by numbers is definitely NOT cheating. Better yet, you are a true artist. There are far more people who have never touched a brush than those who bring to life beautiful paintings by numbers. Still having doubts? Then take a look at the definition of art.

Painting by numbers can offer even the most inexperienced artist a starting point to create something beautiful or meaningful. But when all is said and done, you will be able to tell the difference between artists even when it comes to Painting by Number packages.

If you order a Painting by Number pack and follow the instructions, you will have a beautiful end result. If you decide to read the detailed instructions, which describe the most advanced painting techniques, you will create a masterpiece. That’s why we like to share as many Painting-by-Number tips & tricks with you as possible!

What customers say about

A quick look at our Trustpilot page will show you how many positive reviews we have collected over the past few years. We regularly ask our customers to leave a review a submit a photo, did you know that submitting a review with a photo will get you 10% off your next order?

Who is the best provider of Painting by Number in the Benelux?

There is no doubt about it when you look at the reviews online. All our reviews are independent and we have no influence on them, only our good service, quality and products speak for themselves. Many of our customers are very satisfied with our online shop, happy with the quality and feel they have been able to create a real work of art! Especially during the busy period, customers have been able to count on us, resulting in many nice Painting-by-Number Saint Nicholas and Christmas presents! We are extremely proud of this and do our best every day.

Painting on number Immediately available 📦

Painting by numbers for everyone

You can tell immediately from the bestsellers above that there is a painting for every taste and there are multiple levels of difficulty. The more details a painting has, the harder it is to complete.

New artists often choose a fun animal pack, such as the Colourful Elephant or the wildly popular Animal Party. Our range includes packages for beginners and experienced professionals. Would you like to paint a personal memory? Then you can create a Painting by Number package from your own photo on our website. Order your own photo Painting on Number here!

Some more Tips and tricks

The most important thing to remember is that Painting by Number should be relaxing and, of course, fun! Try to take the pressure off your shoulders and exchange it for a sense of accomplishment. The tips we publish on our website are for real artists.

Add a frame to your order

We strongly recommend adding a DIY frame to your order. This is because working on a pre-bound canvas is finer than working on a loose canvas. All our packages can be ordered including a frame. This is a loose frame that you can easily put together; we have described putting together a DIY frame in detail. However, this can sometimes be difficult, which is why we recently started offering the option of ordering a pre-stretched frame. One of our fanatical employees will manually stretch your canvas to the frame! This offers a beautiful result and saves you some tinkering!

Don’t forget to close the paint pots

Acrylic paints can dry out quickly. We strongly recommend closing the lids tightly when you are not using the paint. Has your paint become stiff or dried out? Then adding a drop of lukewarm water can completely restore the creamy texture.

Keep the brushes clean

It is important to clean the brushes properly and keep them clean. Changing colours can cause paint colours to get mixed, which is something you obviously want to avoid! We have described in detail how to clean your brushes in our blog, read the blog here.

Take small breaks

We have described the importance of pausing to combat pain in the back, hands, wrists and tired eyes. Trying to complete your painting in one day can cause many complaints. Pause regularly to avoid these complaints. Do you want to get rid of these complaints? Check here how to get rid of hand and wrist pain and click here to get rid of tired eyes during Painting by Number!

Don’t worry in case of a mistake

We are all human and people happily make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes from time to time. It is not the end of the world if you have filled in the wrong colour in a box. You can let the paint de dry for a while and paint over the mistake later.

Work from top to bottom

Start in the top corners of your canvas and continue to avoid smudging. A simple rule of thumb is, are you left-handed start at the top right, are you right-handed start at the top left.

Have a damp cloth ready

As we mentioned above, it is important to clean brushes properly. To make cleaning easier, we recommend keeping a damp cloth nearby, this can be a cloth wetted with water or a baby wipe. This will help in quick and easy cleaning of the brushes.

Feel free to ask for help

We are here for you day and night to advise where necessary, feel free to contact us and one of our colleagues will get you started on solving your problem!

Painting by numbers children

There is nothing like sparking children’s creativity and giving an outlet for the artistic talents that are accumulated in young children. One of the best ways is a Painting by Number pack. Our packages are child-friendly and equipped with all the essentials for your child to get started with a beautiful work of art.

Painting by numbers for children offers your child a step by step process to create a masterpiece and get creative at the same time.

Painting on numbers adults

You probably enjoyed painting as a child, exploring colours, mixing them and getting new colours with this. Why did you stop? Painting is wildly popular and is known as an activity that relieves stress and anxiety. It is even used therapeutically.

Painting by numbers is great for everyone, absolutely no experience is required and you can select the paintings based on the level of difficulty. All you have to do is follow the lines and paint within the boxes indicated. Some boxes can be very small and some areas are a bit larger again, making it a fun challenge. The more experience you build up with Painting by Number, the easier you will find that painting will be.

Original price was: £39.95.Current price is: £14.95.
Original price was: £39.95.Current price is: £14.95.
Original price was: £39.95.Current price is: £14.95.
Original price was: £39.95.Current price is: £14.95.
Original price was: £39.95.Current price is: £14.95.

Must-have accessories for Painting by Number

Now we come to a very interesting topic. Our packages contain all the necessities for the best painting experience and the most beautiful result. Schilderenopnummerwinkel is therefore known for its high quality, which you will experience when you place your first order.

The accessories in our online shop are not just added at random. Did you know that we have every accessory ourselves? The accessories are carefully selected, checked to make sure they meet our quality requirements, and only then offered in our webshop. Are you already using the handy accessories for Painting-by-Number?

Original price was: £39.95.Current price is: £14.95.
Original price was: £39.95.Current price is: £14.95.

Conclusion Painting by number shop experience

We offer you the opportunity to take your Painting by Number hobby to the next level, whether you are a novice or an experienced artist. Our packages are suitable for young and old and provide the best painting experience. We are immensely proud of this!

What we are also proud of are the reviews on the internet. Feel free to take a look at our Trustpilot page to get an idea of the service and quality of our webshop. We hope to send you a Painting by Number pack soon!

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