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You probably loved painting immensely as a child. Why did you stop doing it? Painting is the ideal way to get rid of stress.

Painting by numbers of adults is the ideal way to get creative even with two left hands. All you need to get started is a canvas, the right colors, and a nice design. The paint in our kits is made of acrylic as this is more practical to paint on a canvas, thus we guarantee a beautiful result.

This hobby is suitable for everyone, you don’t need any experience at all. Just follow the lines and paint in the boxes provided. Some boxes will be challengingly small and some boxes a bit larger.

What are the cutest paintings for adults

The best paintings are divided into several categories.

Painting on number flowers

Flowers are everywhere and have been painted for decades, by the most famous artists as hobby painter in their studios. Painting by number flower kits come in many different shapes and sizes. From plants in a field, to a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table. Flowers are very fascinating and beautiful thanks to the variety of different colours in the paintings.

Painting a still life painting is very popular for art lovers. Vincent van Gogh painted the subtle lines of the iris in many of his artworks.

Landscape paintings
Nature has always inspired many artists around the world. Nature Painting by number is a wonderful way to bring nature into your home. The many different landscapes you can find all over the globe are a very unique and at the same time special way to get started with your artwork. The beautiful mountains, the quiet sea, or a boat by the lake, nature paintings reflect the beauty of the world on a canvas.

Famous artists
Art has always been an important part of history. Artists have expressed their feelings, experiences and lives on a canvas.

Vincent van Gogh’s life is depicted in correspondence with his brother Theo. Art analysts have long doubted the artist’s mental state. Van Gogh is a pioneer of Dutch art. His art has grown enormously thanks to his unique art and beautiful paintings.

Is Painting by Number difficult?

Easy paintings
An easy painting is a package consisting of few details with larger squares. The larger squares mean that painting takes less time. Painting by numbers is a very fun activity that you can do alone or together. The end result does not depend on the level of difficulty, it just makes achieving the end result a lot easier.

Difficult paintings
Take your painting skills to a new level with a more difficult painting by number. Do you really want to be challenged with your next painting? Then a more difficult painting with smaller squares is ideal for you!

Paint a memory

The best way to start painting by number is with a personal twist. For example, it is possible to order a Painting on Number with your own photo. We will professionally transform your photo into a beautiful Painting by Number that you can be proud of!

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