Painting by number mistakes, fixed!

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Whoops! You’re just getting started on your painting and then something goes wrong… This can happen to the best of us, because an accident is just around the corner. What now? In this blog we discuss common mistakes or problems while painting by numbers and share the solutions!

Relax with Painting by Number

Mistake #1

My brushes have become stiff, this is a common problem. Hence we discuss this problem first, each package comes with three professional brushes. Creating your artwork may take some time, hence it is quite possible that your brushes will dry up. Once your brushes have dried up, it takes a lot of time to get the paint out and clean them. The solution to this is: to get nail polish thinner and dip your brushes in it for a few seconds and the stiffness and colors of other paints will go out of your brushes easily.

Mistake #2

While painting your painting, you discover that you feel very rushed, unable to paint in a focused and relaxed manner. This is because your workspace is not properly tidy. The solution to this is: Very obvious, yet it is one of the most important aspects of a good painting experience. A tidy workplace ensures a clear head while creating your painting.


Mistake #3

A common mistake that novice artists often fear is the fear of making a mistake. The solution to this is: Almost all mistakes are fixable, don’t worry and enjoy your painting. As renowned artist Bob Ross pointed out, no accidents, just happy mistakes.

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Mistake #4

While making your painting you find out that the numbers are incorrect, while checking the numbers you see that unfortunately you have applied the wrong number in the wrong place, this is not a problem at all. As indicated above, making mistakes is no big deal. The solution to this is: wait for the paint to dry, then go over the wrong colour with the brush and the right paint.

Mistake #5

A problem that is less common but very frustrating is when you do not receive enough paint with your package. In our web shop, we supply all packs with up to 20% extra paint, so we can be sure that you will never be short! Are you still short? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will solve this together with you!

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Mistake #6

The following mistake is rare yet we think it is noteworthy, your paint has dried up. Not to worry, with two drops of lukewarm water you can use your paint like new again!

Mistake #7

You have received your painting, you unroll the canvas and you see some wrinkles in the canvas. This is not a problem at all and very simple to solve. If you have already painted the canvas, it is important to wait for the paint to dry, after the paint has dried. Take iron and iron the back of the canvas. This way you can easily get the creases out of your canvas.


This laundry list of common mistakes indicates that mistakes almost always occur during painting. Fortunately, it is very simple to solve most mistakes. A little preparation will get you very far, and a good start is also half the battle!

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