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In this video, we show you how to mount your painting to a frame in no time. Would you like to have it done by one of our professionals? Then send us an email to

Get started with photos of yourself, friends, loved ones or beautiful holiday pictures with Painting by Number and create the most beautiful works of art all by yourself! We transform your photo into a beautiful Painting by Number own photos. Since recently, we offer the possibility of having your picture mounted on a frame by a professional.

We will discuss this service in detail in this blog. Furthermore, we will discuss the contents of the package, what to look out for while placing an order, the difference between the colour options, choosing the right photo and we will conclude the blog with the benefits of This is a lot so let’s get to it quickly!

Painting by number on frame mounted

We are constantly improving our products and service. For example, we are extensively testing the rush delivery option, which we hope to offer in the web shop in the near future. What we are very happy with is the option to have your canvas pre-mounted on a frame. We do the pre-framing all by ourselves, this is manual work and no large machines are involved. Only fanatical painters who want to deliver a beautiful result! We charge a small fee for pre-framing the canvas.

How do I get my painting pre-mounted?

If you choose the frame option when placing an order, a new option will appear. This option offers the possibility of having the frame pre-assembled. If you check this option, you will receive a ready-to-hang painting to start painting immediately. We guarantee the best quality, which is why we have included some examples. To convince you that this is the best quality. We do our utmost and are therefore very proud to be able to deliver many happy faces with our brand-new service!

WhatsApp Image 2022 05 20 at 4.14.28 PM
WhatsApp Image 2022 04 14 at 6.17.04 PM

Both canvases above are attached by hand by one of our professionals. Attaching the canvases has now become an expertise of We hope you choose this option to experience the quality and service every artist deserves!

Have frame pre-assembled in * steps

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select a product of your choice, we offer this service on every painting!
  3. Tick the option for the frame, now a second option will appear.
  4. Check the option for the front binding.
  5. Just fill in the address details, checkout and you will receive a beautiful work of art at home!
kleuren tabel SONW

24/36 or still 48 colors?

While placing an order, you must have noticed this option, the ‘colour option’. We added this a few months ago, with the aim of giving you the opportunity to create the best possible result. We are often asked what quantity of colours is suitable for the photo.

The number of colours provides the amount of detail on your painting, how do I determine how many colours I need?

24 colours (simple)

We recommend this option with a photo with less detail, is this about a simple image of a close up selfie, or the photo of your new car? Then this option is right for you. So remember, few different colours and few details, choose the simple option.

36 colours (realistic)

Is your image in between, for example do you have a close up selfie but with 2 or more people? Do you want just a little more detail on your artwork? Then the 36 colours option is ideal for you, this option offers the perfect amount of colours for a beautiful result but still make it look like a Painting by Number. This is a very popular option, also highly recommended for beginners, as it introduces you to Painting by Number in a more challenging way.

48 colours (true-to-life)

As the name suggests, this amount of colours makes your painting ‘lifelike’ it is going to look almost identical to the original. As with the example added above, the original is almost indistinguishable from the 48-colour option. Highly recommended for the very best results.

Choosing the right Painting on number own photo

This is almost the most important part when you start painting with your own photo. Selecting the right photo is important because the quality of the chosen photo also determines the quality of the final result!

For a great result, it is important to consider the following points:

Do you doubt whether your photo is suitable for Painting on Number? Do not hesitate to contact us at One of our professionals will advise you and together we will achieve the best result for your Painting on Number photo.


On Google, you must have come across us, read this nice blog or maybe looked at some of our products, before placing the order you ask yourself, “Why” well I’m happy to explain that to you!

📲 Super customer service
Our professionals are at your service day and night, not only to help you with your order but also to chat about Painting by Number and other fun hobbies.

⭐ Customer satisfaction
The customer is king, you can tell by the many positive reviews we receive on Trustpilot. We do our best to make every customer as happy as possible, we do this by giving free items, professional advice or just a chat!

💰 Good for your wallet
Good quality does not have to be expensive, we are happy to contribute to this hobby. If we can help you find a cheap painting of super quality, it makes us very happy, it’s not about the money but about the smile of our customers! That’s why we offer you the cheapest paintings of the best quality!

We could make an endless list of benefits of our online shop, but surely it is easier if you experience all these benefits yourself. Place an order and enjoy our super service

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