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Want to create different paintings from the standard ones on the painting by number pages? Then a painting by number own photo is the perfect alternative. This can be a photo or picture of yourself, your friends, your partner, your family, or animals. By choosing your own photo, you can immortalize memories in a painted work of art. We can customize your photo. To do this, select your own photo on the website. You will find this option on the home page. Then upload a photo of your choice.

You will learn how to paint in style, how to get started, and how to take it to the next level with customized paintings. This will help you decorate your living room or bedroom. If you have experience with figure paintings, you know they also make a great gift idea.

Painting is a versatile hobby; not only is it fun, but it also helps relieve stress. The feeling of having completed a painting is a great achievement. Especially if you paint your own, you will look at your own artwork with admiration. So painting not only takes away your stress, but you also refresh your fondest memories. Are you interested in a painting from your own photo? Then read on!

Your painting by number with your own photo

You’re probably wondering why you should order your own photo and what the benefits are. Luckily, we have a large collection of experiences from customers who have gone before you. Based on their feedback, we have listed the advantages of your own photo for you.

What does it mean to paint your own picture?

Painting by number is becoming increasingly popular. It consists of a canvas divided into different areas. There is a series of these areas. These numbers correspond to the colour of the paint. Once you have coloured the areas with the paint, you will get the final result. The lines will eventually become invisible. As a painter, the next step is to discover the colour shapes yourself. A painting of your own can orient even a painter with little experience. You get an education, so to speak, so that you can later create your own painting.

This technique allows you to analyse the subject you want to paint and test the colour palette when you create your own painting. However, this is not a new phenomenon. The painter Leonardo da Vinci had developed a method for his assistants to paint the areas he had drawn and numbered.

Paint your own painting

Paint your own painting

When you make a painting from your own photo, it works particularly motivating. Because you are working with a memory. It makes you enjoy it more because you get connected to yourself and your loved ones. It is a personal work of art that gradually unfolds before your eyes. The results will be extraordinary. So what are the benefits of a painting with your own photo on it?

Suitable for young and old, beginners or experienced painters.

You can choose which size you want. We also have painting sets for beginners in our range. These sets are ideal for beginners who have never or only just taken up a brush. There are also more difficult paintings for more advanced painters looking for a fun challenge. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced painter, this ready-made set will get you started right away. It is up to you which painting you choose and how difficult the painting is. Everything is a personal choice.

Ready to use sets; you can start right away

In the package you receive, you get a ready to use set. So you can get started right away. Beginning painters often struggle to find, buy and put together a good paint kit. This in turn poses an obstacle. Looking at which colors, sizes and brushes are most suitable can also take a long time. You can avoid all this by ordering a painting by number set directly.

You can paint right away

Making a list to buy what you need is just the beginning. Once you have what you need, start preparing. If you are not an expert, preparing a canvas can seem like a daunting task. The edges need to be clearly defined. You need to prime and stretch the canvas with a stretcher. Brushes and acrylic paint also need to be prepared. In short, it takes a lot of time and even more effort. No appetite for this? Then mainly go for a ready-made kit, consisting of:

– a canvas primed
– with acrylic paint in the right shade
– and brushes suitable for this canvas.

Order the custom painting set with 24 or 36 colours.

Improve creativity

Improve creativity

There are different themes for painting by numbers. This is a great way to try out new styles, unleash and develop your imagination and creativity. It takes practice to learn and master all forms of art. To enrich your spectrum, try out different areas to learn new things and broaden your basic knowledge. It is just like learning to play an instrument. Not only do you learn new chords, but you also improve your basic skills in playing chords and strings.

Scope for advanced artists

Advanced artists have the advantage that they will have a ready-made canvas with a wide range of colour combinations and options to choose the theme of their painting by number. Since they are already advanced, they can use a theme according to their existing artwork and their own style. This way, you have more support while practising your own style.

Reducing stress

Many people experience painting as a form of therapy and stress relief. So starting such a hobby, or a painting habit, has multiple functions. So if you are looking for the stress-relieving effects of painting, there is nothing more soothing than getting started with a painting by number yourself.

Your own painting by number in just three easy steps!

Want to get started on a painting of your own photo by number? Then you need to choose a photo with a resolution of at least 1,000 pixels. Our system checks whether the photo meets this requirement. We will also contact you personally if the photo is not suitable for the chosen format. Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to create or order personalized photos.

On the homepage, you’ll find a category ‘Own photo‘. Open this category to discover different possibilities and to order:

– Number of colours
– Size of canvas
– With or without frame

Before placing the product in the shopping basket, you need to upload the photo or image. To do this, click on the “Select file” button. Before you complete the purchase, you must wait for the photo to be uploaded correctly and for us to confirm that we can create the custom photo painting. Now sit back and wait for the painting(s) to arrive at your home. Let the fun begin!

Your own photo determines the level of difficulty

Your own photo determines the level of difficulty

Photographs capture moments you want to remember. It depends on which photo you choose, how much detail is in it, how many colours it contains to determine the difficulty of the painting. Therefore, this is also different from painting a standard photo. It would take you to a whole new level as an amateur painter and make the pride when you look at your own artwork even more special.

And think of the possibilities that such an own photo painting, both finished as a set, can have as a gift.

Upload your own photo and create extraordinary works of art

Hanging on the wall first. Whether it’s flowers, animals, people or a group photo at Christmas, the final picture will impress everyone you know! Another way to show how happy you are with your personalised paint set is to share it with the DIY community. You will be surprised when you see how many followers you can find on DIY painting on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Since all the photos you see, including comments, are made public, we are not violating any privacy laws by posting them here. takes the protection of customer data very seriously, you can also read these conditions in the general terms and conditions. Nothing is published without your permission.

Join the community and upload your painting as soon as it is finished (or during the painting process) so it can be shared with followers.

What does it mean to personalise?

Painting your own photo by number gives you the opportunity to create your own personalised artwork, and immortalise your memories. You can have all your favourite moments on a canvas and then colour them in. You can also choose what size you want your painting in, how many colours you want to use and whether you want the canvas pre-bound. This sets painting your own photo by number apart from standard sets, it can be completely personalised!

Create personalised paintings with numbers

Each of our kits comes with instructions on how to get the results. However, it never hurts to have a few tricks and tips. We have previously written a number of blogs on how to carefully handle a painting by numbers, paints and brushes. Be sure to read these blogs carefully. A brief summary:

– Always seal the paint pots tightly!
– Order the set directly with a frame
– Take enough breaks
– Keep the brushes clean.
– Picked the wrong colour? See the solution in our blog.

Getting stuck?

No problem, we are always ready to answer your questions. Feel free to ask the customer service team – contact is quick and you are sure to get an expert answer.

What is a personalised gift?

Painting your own photo by number will not only give you a lot of pleasure while painting, but also your loved ones when they receive the set as a gift. After all, you can choose from anything. Your loved one does not even need to have experience, or an art knack. The painting alone will make him/her feel like painting, and it really is child’s play! Let’s take a closer look at the different options.

– A picture with him/her or of his/her favourite animal. You paint it as soon as you receive it, have it nicely framed and give it as a gift with a holiday, painted ready-to-hang on the wall. This idea is especially nice if you need to make a gift remotely and you send it ready-made.

– Find a moment that is special to the recipient, and upload the photo to create the personalised painting.

– Give a gift voucher You can find them in different amounts. This way, the recipient of the gift voucher can decide whether to choose a standard photo or order their own.

How does painting your own photo by number work?

Our team checks and optimises every photo before turning it into a painting. What improvements do we make to your photo?

  • Enhancement of shadows and highlights: If there are too many details or very dark or very bright areas in the photo, some may be lost.
  • Basic cropping and framing: We make sure the subject(s) in your photo are central to your painting.
  • Brightness and contrast adjustments: Our aim is to make sure the subject of your photo is bright, detailed and full of beautiful colours.
  • Optimal colour correction: we do our best to maintain colour fidelity, depending on whether you ordered the painting with 24 or 36 colours.

For more tips, be sure to check out our blogs!


Take your painting to a whole new and surprising level by converting your own photo into a painting by number. It is ideal as a hobby and stress relief, as well as a gift! Enjoy!

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