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Immortalise a beautiful memory on canvas with a Painting on Number own photo. We are able to transform any image into a beautiful painting. Curious? Then read on, it’s much easier than you think!

Painting on number own photo

We turn hundreds of photos into beautiful paintings every month. The best acrylic paints, professional brushes and a high-quality canvas is what you can expect when ordering from

How to order a Painting on number own photo?

Ordering a Painting by Number photo is very simple, yet we understand that sometimes you may have some questions, which we will try to answer for you. Do you have other questions about an order, need advice on a size or do you want to have a chat about Painting by Number? Feel free to send an e-mail to

Step 1: Choose a photo you like immensely, this could be a picture of your pet, from a family outing or a portrait of a loved one. The image can be anything, as long as you are happy with it.

Step 2: Select the size for your image. Choosing an image is an important decision. To choose the right size, it is important to determine whether your photo is square or portrait. To help you, we have provided two examples below, one image is portrait, the other is square. Are you unsure about the size? Feel free to send us an e-mail, we check every order and recommend the size with the best value for money!

header 1

Step 3: After uploading the photo and choosing the size, it’s time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, select the accessories that you think are going to make your painting experience top notch. We recommend a DIY frame with every order. This ensures the most beautiful result. Recently, we offer the possibility to have the frame fixed for you. There are no extra shipping costs involved and the result is beautiful! Choose the number of colours for your image; the number of colours affects the result of your painting. The more colours, the more beautiful the result!

WhatsApp Image 2022 05 16 at 4.16.24 PM PhotoRoom
WhatsApp Image 2022 05 16 at 4.16.24 PM 1 PhotoRoom

Step 4: Add the complete order to your shopping basket, fill in your address details and we will start working on your order. The average delivery time of a Painting on Number photo is approx. 14 days. We are very proud of this, as it is the fastest delivery time in the Benelux. We make a lot of customers very happy with this every week, which can be seen from the positive reviews on our Trustpilot page. Are you satisfied with our service? Leave a review on our Trustpilot page and help other customers choose the best Painting by Number shop!

Painting on number own photo URGENTLY

Too late to order a gift? It is possible to receive a Painting on Number own photo as a rush delivery. We charge a small fee for this rush service, please contact us after placing your order, we will arrange a rush delivery for your artwork.

Painting by number personalised

Hhe important thing to bear in mind is that the result of a personalised Painting by Number depends on the image submitted. This means that a low-quality photo will affect the final result. Fortunately, we have a free solution for that! We check every photo that is ordered, which means that no images that do not meet the guidelines slip through. We therefore guarantee the very best result for your Painting on Number photo.

Why a Painting on Number own photo?

You’ve probably noticed that we regularly write about our Painting by Number own photos. There are a few reasons for this. After all, Painting by Number is very soothing, combining a calming hobby with a personalized touch to it in the form of a nice memory, a photo with emotional value, or another nice picture you have chosen. Bringing together two worlds, tranquillity and a personal connection to your artwork. The state of calm you end up in is often impossible to recreate, especially if you have loved painting since childhood.

While creating your painting, you pour all your attention on the canvas, the brushes quietly sweeping across it and the colors springing to life. This picture now coming to life through a canvas and finally getting a place on the wall, this is simply genius. The feeling of pride after completing your painting is enormous. You have brought a work of art to life all by yourself. This is something you can be enormously proud of, and the best part is when you see the faces of friends and family when you tell them you created this work of art!

Thousands of customers have gone before you!

We regularly get happy e-mails from customers who proudly share the result of their Painting by Number own photo. We like to put our customers in the spotlight, so we have listed some great results from one of our regular customers for you. So you can see what top quality you can expect from the Painting by Number shop

20220430 190014 1 1 scaled 1
20220430 190014 1 scaled 1

Achieve results as beautiful as one of the images above. This can be done easily and quickly. Our technology helps. It doesn’t matter whether you have an old physical photo of your grandparents or a picture on your phone that you really like. We are able to turn any photo into a Painting on Number photo. Bring out the artist in yourself!

Painting on number own photo difficulty level

We guarantee super results for every photo, which is something we are fortunately known for. As soon as you have ordered your photo, we check your chosen photo. We choose to do this manually. There are programmes that can do this automatically, but we trust our own intuition, experience and knowledge. Than a programme, after all, we create a memory and not a quick sale. The degree of difficulty depends on several aspects. With a Painting on Number photo, you determine the degree of difficulty. The photo you order will be printed. Is it a very detailed photo? Then many small squares will be printed. This results in a more difficult painting. Fortunately, the level of difficulty quickly decreases; once you have mastered the concept, you will be able to create the most beautiful paintings in no time. The concept is the same on every canvas, only with smaller squares you need more concentration!

Instead of oil paints, we fill our pots with acrylic paints; acrylic paints are more versatile and popular with beginners. Acrylic paint is also more suitable for children because it is water-soluble. As long as you don’t drink the acrylic paint or the water in which the brushes are kept clean in large quantities, acrylic paint is safe for everyone!

Painting on number own photo – the best gift

A photo of a wedding, the whole family, your pets or a nice holiday snapshot. These are ideal photos to give to someone for Christmas, birthday, a wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day and you name it. With a Painting on number own photo, you can show your love to someone in a creative way. A nice aspect of this gift is that a painting by number is not used for a while and then discarded. This is a memory on canvas that will stay on the wall for years, in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or wherever. This is the ideal gift for someone who already has ‘everything’!

Giving ready made painting by number as a gift?

Would you like to give a made Painting by Number as a gift? That is possible! How? We paint the canvas for you! We do this in a very fast pace and can deliver a ready-made Painting by Number package within 7 days! Yes, that’s right, within 7 days you will have a ready-to-use Painting-by-Number package on your doormat.

When placing your order, indicate that you would like to receive the painting already painted. We will then get to work on the most enjoyable hobby there is, painting your photo. We do not charge extra for this service! We do this completely free of charge!

What’s in your order?

We are constantly optimising our products, service, range and everything else involved in this very fun hobby. We are therefore very proud to offer a richly filled Painting-by-Number package. This package is filled with only the very best accessories to ensure the best painting experience. We can describe in detail how good our packages are, it is easier to experience it for yourself. Order a Painting by Number pack from our online shop and experience true quality!

image 41 1024x581 1

Advantages of Painting by numbers

Painting by numbers is not only enormous fun, it also offers benefits for your physical and mental health. We have listed some of the benefits for you:

  • Painting by numbers gives your self-confidence a huge boost!
  • While making your painting you forget all your worries for a while, which is why Painting by Number is very relaxing.
  • Painting by numbers improves your concentration, which is reflected in a better focus on your work. For children, this offers enormous advantages in the classroom
  • Painting by numbers improves fine motor skills, the small boxes on the canvas ensure that you make more use of your fine motor skills, which therefore also improve!

We have described the benefits that Painting by Number has on your health in a guest blog, we recommend reading it. So you can see that it is not only great fun but also has many benefits for your health! Find out about the benefits of Painting by numbers

Painting on number own photo example

Are you curious about how your photo will look in Painting by Number? Then you can request a sample from us! We will assess the photo for you, recommend the best size, and offer you a preview of the final result, all free of charge! Receive a preview of your own photo immediately, send an e-mail to, and do not forget to add the image. We will immediately create a preview and send it to you!

Why choose

We hope we have given enough reasons in this blog why you should choose us, are you still not convinced? Then here are some more reasons why you should choose us!

⭐ Positive reviews
We do our best for every order, which is reflected in many positive reviews, many returning customers and many beautiful paintings. For example, we have already collected dozens of positive reviews on Trustpilot.

Image 2022 05 18 at 6.38.08 PM
Image 2022 05 18 at 6.38.21 PM

🚚 Fastest delivery in the Benelux has the fastest delivery in the entire Benelux. For example, we have a range full of standard motifs, which are ordered today, and delivered tomorrow. What we are really proud of is the delivery time of the Painting by Number own photo. That is approx. 14 days! The fastest delivery time in the Benelux!

🖌️ Best quality in the Benelux
Our packages are filled with the best quality supplies, so you will receive a high-quality canvas made of fine material for the most beautiful results. Acrylic paint of the best quality with a creamy texture and great ease of painting. 4 brushes with enormously soft bristles, in different sizes, make it easy to paint every square.

✨ The most beautiful result
The paintings from our range deliver the best results, this is thanks to the canvas. The numbers on the canvas are printed clearly but not too thickly. This ensures that you do not have to paint over a number too often to cover it. The fine lines between the numbered areas ensure that you get the most beautiful result with your Painting by Number package.

🖼️ We create a memory and not a quick sale
Every order is carefully checked by one of our professionals. With this, we guarantee the very best result on every order and a lasting memory. We do as much work manually as possible, thus reducing the chance of mistakes and increasing the number of satisfied customers!

💰 Good for your wallet
With all these benefits, you must be thinking, this is hugely expensive, this is not for me. Wrong! We are the cheapest provider in the Benelux. We apply very competitive prices, we do this because this hobby is so much fun that it should be affordable for everyone!


We hope you have benefited enormously from this blog. Do you have other questions about an order, an image, size or do you want to chat about Painting by Number? Then send us an e-mail at

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