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Whether you are an experienced artist or just want to relax. Painting-by-number templates couldn’t be easier to use. Templates that you can print out and then paint. The images on the paper are divided into different boxes and have numbers overlaid with the specific colours.

You can get started right away and print a Painting by Number, we have the images for you for free at the bottom of this page. We explain to you how you can do this and much more about the very popular hobby Painting by numbers.

Are you already eager to start painting? Do you already have your easel ready and want to start as soon as possible? And poof, no ideas of what you should paint. Writer’s block is very applicable but for the artist. You are unable to take a moment to think of what you want to paint. The frustration starts piling up and you get frustrated. We are happy to solve this problem for you! We have lots of suggestions on what you can paint. Moreover, you can use these images for free!

Are you looking for a specific theme to paint such as flowers, animals, landscapes or nature? You can enter this in the search bar on and hundreds of motifs will appear for you to choose from!

Find out all the ins and outs about this popular painting technique, what to consider is how best to use the colours, what types of images are available these you can then print out for free!

Painting samples and colouring pictures with numbers : Painting by number printing

Download the free digital colouring pages in PDF and start your free artwork at home. Choose your favourite design, download it, print it out and get started for free.

See all free Painting by Number colouring pages you can download at home here! Collect your pencils and unleash your creativity on these beautiful colouring pages.

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How do I get started with these colouring pages?

We recommend that you start with the Painting by Number examples first to help them master the technique. Then you can order a painting with us. Is the painting in stock? Then you will receive it tomorrow, otherwise it will take up to two weeks! In this time you can use the printouts to practice the technique and get a good start on your artwork.

This is how Painting by Number standard packages work

Painting by numbers DIY kits are hugely popular in the Netherlands. Enjoy the free colouring pages we have put together for you or buy a Painting by Number package, a package includes the following:

  • A high-quality canvas, we leave the size entirely up to you. The sizes 30x40cm and 40x50cm are in stock on a specific number of products. Check the product description to see if your item is in stock.
  • A set of premium acrylic paint, our paint pots are filled with as much as 20% extra paint. This acrylic paint is of a very high quality and ensures the most beautiful results.
  • Set of three nylon brushes, the brushes are made of nylon hair. This ensures very refined sweeping over your canvas and an optimal result.

Free Painting by number?

You can get a free PDF from us as your photo as Painting by Number. You can print this photo and then paint it on paper!

Are there numbers on the free printout?

In the PDF for adults, you will find up to 30 images that you can print out and work with at home!

There are three worksheets from each free Painting by Number.

One is the numbered template for colouring in: The coloured drawing pattern, a colouring sheet with the matching numbers in the highlighted areas and the instructions with the assigned colour schemes. This colouring is assigned to the corresponding numbers on the colouring sheets. The choice is entirely up to you whether you want to colour the patterns with coloured pencils, ink/watercolour or acrylic paint, whichever it becomes. This is an ideal way to get started with Painting by Number.

It is possible to print the free templates on paper, in this case I recommend using coloured pencils. Do you choose to use special paper? Then it is possible to use acrylic paint.

If you do not have an acrylic paint, you can order Painting on numbers acrylic paint from us. Each pot costs just €2.95 and is ideal for Painting by Number. Delivery of the paint is completely free!

When composing the standard packages, we put a lot of time and care into the quantity of colours, the amount of paint and the colour proportions. As a result, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with these wonderful packages.

Want to get started with Painting by Number? Is this your first order? Then send us an e-mail for a Painting by Number discount code of 10%!

Painting by number printing: How long does it take?

The answer is very simple, it all depends on the format you choose when printing. If you choose to print an Easter photo, you can start working on your fun Easter photo the same day. The PDF for children will help you print free preschool exercises and transform motifs for Halloween or Christmas into real works of art. There are no limits to your creativity. You will be amazed at how many paintings there are in our PDF, you can colour them all in one day.

Foto Resultaat SONW

Painting by number printing: Adults

Painting by number colouring pages for adults are very popular, you can easily and quickly get started with a fun and creative hobby. The PDF version of the free Digital Painting by Number colouring pages for adults will be sent to you by email. Download the PDF, print out the designs you like best and get started with the colours you have on hand. It hardly matters which paper you use for colouring. The important thing is that you can get started with your artwork right away!

What about surfaces?

As indicated above, acrylic colours can be used on a lot of substrates. Many artists prefer canvas and heavy paper. Since the base of the paint is polymer, this ensures that it is durable paint that can take a beating. A canvas that comes with all the accessories is the most popular substrate for acrylic painting. We deliver your canvas including everything you need to get started on your painting right away. Ever run out of colour? Then you can easily reorder it from us at a low price and without shipping costs!

Conclusion Painting by number printing

The Painting-by-Number print sets for adults and children are the ideal way to start a fun and creative hobby without having to invest a lot of money in expensive materials. After all, everyone has colouring pencils lying around at home. You can treat yourself and your family to this fun activity by having a painting competition with the same motif, printing it out several times and trying to colour it as beautifully as possible. There are giant motifs for adults and children in the PDF.

Just like a colouring book, anyone can easily colour in the printed motifs. Even if you have no understanding of colour theories or composition, you can colour in the areas between the lines, it’s child’s play. Adults regularly show off their completed works of art on social media. Whether you get started with Painting by Number from or with a motif from the PDF. Get started, I promise you won’t regret it!

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