Painting by numbers: a journey around the world

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Painting by number is an artistic method in which individuals paint a picture by assigning specific colours to specific numbered areas. The end result is a complete work of art that can be created even by beginners, without any prior painting experience.

Brief history of painting by numbers

The concept of painting by numbers became popular in the 1950s, introduced by the Palmer Paint Company in the United States. The idea was to make art more accessible to the general public, allowing anyone to feel like an artist. Find out about the colourful history of painting by numbers


The importance of this art form in contemporary society

  • Therapeutic Value: Many people find painting by number relaxing and therapeutic.
  • Creative Expression: It provides a way for individuals to express their creativity without the pressure of creating a “perfect” work of art.
  • Educational: Children learn colour recognition, patience and motor skills.

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A look at how different cultures and countries have embraced painting-by-number


The origins of painting-by-number in Europe

Although the concept originated in the US, it quickly became popular in Europe. Countries such as Germany, France and the UK embraced the trend and introduced their own versions.

How different European countries have adapted and personalised this art form

  • Germany: Preference for landscapes and nature scenes.
  • France: Emphasis on romantic and historical scenes.
  • UK: Popular themes include both cityscapes and rural scenes.


The popularity of painting-by-number in countries such as China and Japan

In Asia, especially in China and Japan, painting by numbers quickly became popular because of the cultural appreciation of art and craftsmanship.

Unique Asian themes and designs

  • China: Dragons, landscapes and historical figures.
  • Japan: Cherry blossoms, geishas and temples.

North America

The rise and evolution of painting by numbers in the US and Canada

The trend started in the US and quickly spread to Canada. The kits became a favourite pastime for families.

Influences of North American culture on designs

  • US: Iconic landscapes such as the Grand Canyon and themes around patriotism.
  • Canada: Nature scenes such as mountains, forests and lakes.

Latin America

How painting by numbers has spread to countries such as Brazil and Argentina

In Latin America, the trend was embraced in larger cities and gradually spread to smaller communities.

Influences of Latin American traditions on art

  • Brazil: Carnival, football and Amazon landscapes.
  • Argentina: Tango, Andean landscapes and traditional dances.


The growing popularity of painting-by-number in African countries

Although later introduced in Africa, painting by numbers has found a niche among art lovers in different countries.

African themes and the importance of local culture in designs

  • Wildlife: Lions, elephants and other native animals.
  • Landscapes: Savannas, deserts and dense forests.
  • Cultural: Traditional dances, tribes and festivals.

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Landscapes and nature themes

Around the world, landscapes and nature themes are often chosen for painting by numbers because of their timeless beauty. From the serene Alps of Europe to the vast savannahs of Africa, nature offers an endless source of inspiration.

Cityscapes and architectural wonders

Cityscapes, with their complex structures and lights, are a favourite among many. Whether it is the vibrant city life of New York or the historic charm of Rome, these themes showcase the dynamism and architecture of world cities.

Animals and their symbolic meanings in different cultures

Animals are popular not only for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their symbolic meanings. In China, for example, the dragon symbolises strength and luck, while in many African cultures, the lion is considered king of the jungle.

Portraits and human figures

Portraits are a reflection of the human soul. They capture emotions, character and the essence of a person. Whether historical figures, lovers or self-portraits, they remain a popular choice.

Abstract and modern interpretations

For those looking for something different, abstract and modern interpretations offer a chance to think outside traditional boundaries. These styles play with shapes, colours and patterns, leaving plenty of room for personal interpretation.

The story of painting-by-number artists and producers from various cultures

Inspiring stories from artists who have discovered their passion for painting by numbers

All over the world, artists have rediscovered their passion for painting by numbers. For many, it started as a hobby but soon transformed into a professional venture.

Manufacturers’ challenges and victories in the painting-by-number industry

Producers face challenges such as choosing the right colours, maintaining quality and meeting changing consumer tastes. Despite these challenges, many have achieved immense victories, both in business and creative areas.

How technology and innovation have changed the world of painting by numbers

With the rise of digital technologies, apps and software are now available that help people convert their own photos into painting-by-number kits. In addition, e-commerce has facilitated the distribution and sale of these kits worldwide.


The universal appeal of painting by numbers

Regardless of age, culture or background, painting by numbers appeals to a wide audience. It provides an accessible way for everyone to enjoy the process of making art.

The future of painting by numbers in an increasingly connected world

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the popularity of painting by numbers is likely to continue to grow. It offers a unique opportunity for people to connect, relax and express their creativity in an increasingly hectic world.

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