Painting by numbers as art therapy

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It is not always easy to give your thoughts and emotions free rein or to simply control your body. The concept of art therapy originated in the 1950s (Wikipedia) and was regularly, inexplicably, seen as a complete treatment for specific illnesses. Art helps enormously with gaining self-confidence.

What is art therapy?

Art therapy is a way of expressing emotions and feelings when words cannot describe them.

Expressing emotions can I many different shapes and sizes, whether you sing, dance, play football, hockey or paint. The goal is not to become the best at it. The goal of art therapy is to focus on yourself.
Art therapy is used to help people who have problems with speech, improve a person’s motor skills and increase self-confidence. Art is an ideal way to set your thoughts free while you focus on something else. It is important to control your emotions and thoughts and release them according to your needs.
Practicing an artistic hobby helps our brain release endorphins and build up a small reserve. These endorphins are used in moments of stress, doubt, and anxiety.

Do you have two left hands? Then don’t fret, art therapy is possible for everyone. The aim is to give emotions and thoughts a place through colorful moments.

How does painting by number help with art therapy

Although painting therapy is generally based on interpreting lines and colors to express emotions and feelings in that way. Painting by numbers goes one step further.
Painting by numbers is simple and easy to use, as the image is already on the canvas. You only have to use your creativity to bring the canvas to life with acrylic paint.

Painting by number has many benefits, such as increasing self-confidence, improving motor skills, gaining more control over hand and arm movements, and over the whole body and it helps people who suffer from trembling. It is also proven to dramatically improve concentration.

Painting by Number helps you immensely to focus yourself more on one specific activity. A lack of concentration can lead to problems following a conversation, difficulty listening to a teacher or even watching a film without getting lost in your own thoughts. Painting by Number ensures that you are actively and consciously present with the activities you are engaged in.
Painting by numbers has also been proven to help immensely with hyperactivity. Hyperactivity makes a person unable to sit still for more than five minutes. Painting by number requires a lot of concentration, this calms even the busiest people.

Painting by numbers helps with expressing emotions. Choosing a painting, what colors are in it and the order of colors you paint first can explain the emotional state someone is in. We explain this in detail in our article on the impact of colors on your life.

Who can use painting by numbers therapy?

Life is not always easy and life tests you regularly. No matter what you are going through in your life, everyone sometimes feels the need to be alone and express feelings. This is made easier by Painting by Number. Take time for yourself a few days a week, put your painting stuff in a comfortable place, and let your desires and emotions speak through the power of art.

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