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Will you become a mother soon and want to impress friends and family in a crazy way? Then it is possible to turn your birth announcement into a painting by number. Of course, the best moments also create the best memories. We at would rather create a memory than a quick sale!

Personalised birth announcement card

We offer you all the flexibility you need to personalise your birth announcement card to your own personal requirements. Each birth announcement is checked by a specialist for size and result. Where necessary, we will advise you and provide personal customer service, guaranteeing you the best possible result for your order!

The birth card framed or framed?

Are you hesitating to order a frame with the birth announcement card? We always recommend it. This way, you can easily and safely store the birth chart and immortalise your birth chart after a period of time!

This should be on a birth announcement card

It is of course very important to create a complete and comprehensive birth announcement card, we have listed for you what information should be put on a birth announcement card.

Welcome phrase

Thus, the birth announcement starts with a small announcement, a welcome phrase this creates euphoria in the recipient. A feeling of joy. This can be done in short with a small, beautiful but powerful sentence.

The name or names

Very obvious but still the most important thing, the name. The name is the star of the card, the most beautiful font, prominently marked, clearer and bigger than the other letters.

The date

The date is very important on the birth announcement card, it is more often subtle on the card, you can choose to put the date a bit bigger in the corner or under the name. There are countless creative ways to put the date on your birth announcement card. Here are some examples:

  • 01.09.2021
  • 1 September 2021
  • 01/09/21

Tip: The Dutch spelling of months is with a lowercase letter, in English it is, avoid confusion with English examples on the internet.

Birth details

It is very nice to include birth details on birth cards. These are the following details:

  • Weight at birth
  • Time at birth
  • Height at birth
  • Place of birth (less popular)

These details are of course not compulsory to include on your birth card. The data time and place name are details that are entered at the civil registry, this forms a child’s identity. A child’s weight and height is always nice to know. Especially if you already have several children, this can make for fun conversations later on.

The family

Proud as a peacock will be the parents of the newborn baby. Does the little baby already have older siblings? Then of course they should not be forgotten in the birth announcement.

Order painting by numbers birth chart

Would you like to get started right away with your Painting-by-Number birth chart? Then check out the product page via the following button below, this way you can order your own birth chart from our website. This temporary from €24.95!

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