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Cleaning brushes

After you have got started with painting by number and have completely filled in a number, the idea is to clean the brush thoroughly. If you let acrylic paint dry out, it can be very damaging to the brushes. Then you may have to buy new brushes. By cleaning them well with the enclosed Painting by Number shop cleaning cloth, which is also supplied with every order, you can avoid this problem! Read how to clean your brushes here.

How often should I clean my brushes?

Acrylic paint dries very quickly, so we recommend cleaning the brushes very often. Do not leave your brushes lying around while painting by number. There are three moments when brushes must be cleaned.

  1. As soon as you finish a number and move to another colour.
  2. As soon as you want to start using a different brush
  3. As soon as you finish painting and temporarily clean up your artwork

What is the best way to clean my brushes?

  1. Grab the included towel from and try to get as much paint out of the brush as possible. You do this by wiping from the handle towards the bristles. So you start at the handle and work up to the bristles. If you do this the other way around, you will damage the bristles and your brush will be damaged. Did your brushes get damaged, unfortunately? That’s very unfortunate, check the accessories page for new brushes.
  2. Grab a glass of water, dip the brush lies into the bowl of water. No stirring, stamping or other actions are necessary. This is only worse for your brushes. Then take the towel and wipe over the bristles in the same way as in the first step.
  3. Once your brush is almost out of paint, you can rinse off the last bit of paint in the sink. The spray of water and then the use of the towel as in the first step will allow you to safely remove the last remnants of paint from the brushes.

You are not ready artist =)

As the title suggests, you are not done yet, you still need to perform a few small but very important actions so that your brushes have a longer life!

  1. After all the bristles of your brush are clean, it is necessary to dry the bristles well and reshape the bristles of the brush, this can easily be done with the fingers and the cloth. Do this very gently and carefully.
  2. Let the bristles dry for a while, letting the brushes dry well ensures that should the brushes still be watery that the application on the new number will leak out and you will go over the edges, which is a shame for the brush as it is damaging to the brushes and the squares are no longer filled in nicely.
  3. Once the brushes have dried up you can clean them up, put them away, and move on. We recommend when you stop painting keep the brushes straight with the brushes up!


  1. Taking a break? Then don’t put the brushes in a tub of water, with the bristles down, this damages the brushes tremendously and often makes them virtually unusable!
  2. Reuse the towel, is your towel dirty after all the painting and cleaning? Throw it in the wash and tadaaa, completely clean! Is your artwork completely finished? Then you can use the towel for drying your hands, or cleaning around the house =)

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