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We regularly receive e-mails from customers who want a black and white photo as their own Painting by numbers photo. This matches the interior better, or the chosen photo itself is in black and white. However, there are a number of points that are important when choosing a black and white photo. In this blog, we will explain what to look out for when ordering a painting on your own photo in black and white.

In case you wonder: why black and white and not the colour? A photo in black and white gives a beautiful result. It gives the photo a completely different experience than the photo in colour. In addition, the depths come out well.

In our previous blog, we explained in detail what to look out for when choosing the right format. Black and white or colour, choosing the right format is always important. Haven’t you read the blog yet? Then check out the blog.

Your photo as a black and white painting

In the production process of a custom photo painting, each colour is enlarged several times. This allows us to produce every shade of colour, generating the most beautiful result. After all, a painting by number own photo can contain many details. Did you know that there are a maximum of 256 shades of the colour black? So when you order a black and white photo, you will not only receive the standard colours black and white but actually almost everything that falls between that spectrum. The shadows in the photo need to be clarified, which is done with lighter shades of white or more darker shades of black. Want more detail on your black and white custom photo painting? A larger size ensures that more details are visible and you get the best results from your painting.

How many paint pots will I receive?

The number of paint pots you receive depends on the number of black and white shades in your photo. The colours are put together in strong paint pots that are easy to close, yet very secure. So they will not open just like that. If you order a black and white photo and receive several pots of paint, don’t be alarmed! These are the shades on your photo that will ensure that every detail of the special photo is captured.

Own photo painting by numbers

We transform your personal photo into a beautiful painting by number. A special moment, a funny selfie or your four-legged friend: now also in black and white. Besides the black/white paint pots, you will also receive all the necessary supplies. You can then get straight to work on your personal work of art.

You will receive a sturdy canvas of high quality, professional brushes, as much as 20% more paint so you will not be short of supplies. You can return the remaining paint for a discount on your next order, read how to do this here. Finally, you will receive a cleaning cloth so you can easily clean the brushes.

From €19.95

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