Painting by numbers: The ultimate starter guide to 2022

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New to this fun hobby? Then you are in the ideal place to gain all the knowledge you need to get started in 2022 with this popular and also awesome painting by numbers hobby!

What is Painting by numbers?

Painting by numbers is a new popular craft hobby, it is a mix of Diamond Painting and embroidery. With Painting by numbers, you paint the numbered squares on your canvas, these numbered squares overlay the numbers on your acrylic paint. You put the paint on the canvas, doing it neatly and with concentration ensures that you create a beautiful result like a real artist!

Painting by numbers was introduced in Europe by various manufacturers. Since then, thousands of artists have sprung up, creating beautiful works of art in no time, even with two left hands, and enjoying the peace of mind this hobby offers and the other benefits we will discuss later in this article.

Starter packages

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How to get started with your
first Painting by Number

Step by step Painting by numbers explanation

Step 1: Fully unpack your order

Each painting by numbers pack comes equipped with all the supplies you need to get started on your artwork right away. Roll out your canvas, and sort out the pots of paint and brushes.

Step 2: Roll out your canvas on a flat workstation

A canvas may have wrinkles during delivery. Do not be alarmed by this, it happens regularly. Take an iron, put it on a low temperature, and gently go over the back of the canvas until all wrinkles have disappeared from your painting.

Step 3: Select a colour and sort the paint needed

Don’t go straight to painting each box in a random order, this causes a lot of problems during drying, and painting and can ruin the final result of your canvas. Of course, you don’t want this. Pick a number, preferably in a corner of the canvas, and sort the paint that goes with that number.

Step 4: Choose the right brush for the box and put the paint on the brush

On a canvas, you have different sizes of squares, huge blocks or very small squares. It is important to work with the right brush, for small squares we recommend the smallest brush you received with your order. Carefully dip the brush into the right pot of paint.

Step 5: Paint each box with the right paint and brushes

As explained above, it is important to choose the right brush for your box, carefully checking the numbers is also highly recommended, this way you avoid mixing up numbers. Of course, you don’t want this

Step 6: Keep repeating this until your artwork is finished

Work your way through the boxes on your artwork, and do so at your own pace. Painting by numbers is relaxing, it is not a race. Enjoy your work of art, after finishing you can immortalize your painting on the wall. The great thing about the paintings on our webshop is that they offer beautiful results from both near and far.

What is the difference between a standard photo and a custom photo?

Your own photo determines the level of difficulty
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In the Painting by Number hobby, you regularly hear the terms a personal photo or a standard photo, what is the difference really?

Painting your own photo
The name says it all, you get to work with a personalized photo, an ‘own photo’. The best thing about painting on a personal photo is that you can immortalize a personal memory, this could be anything, your pet, a fun holiday photo, or a loved one, the possibilities are endless. You can upload any photo and paint it in no time on our website.

A standard photo Painting on number
In our webshop, we have 200+ different standard motifs you can choose from to make a painting by number. The nice thing about a standard photo is that it is very simple to start with. Most standard photos in our range are delivered to you the next day, so you can find out immediately whether this hobby is suitable for you.

Which photos can I use for my own photo painting by numbers?

Any photo can be converted into your own, even one you only physically have. You can send it to our address, we will scan it and turn it into a beautiful painting by number. There are some aspects to consider when deciding whether your photo is suitable.

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Are you over your head in love with a cute photo? Then pay close attention to the lighting of the photo, it is common in a holiday photo for one or more people to have shadows over the face. This creates a black spot on a painting by number, in the example the dog is well exposed, which makes all the details well and clearly visible. You can see almost every hair on the dog, this is the result we aim for your own photo. To make sure you order a good photo, it is possible to have the photo checked by a professional. Send an e-mail to for a professional check and advice on the right format.


Make your own photo painting on numbers showing one or more persons. Keep in mind the distance of the persons. The further away the persons are in the photo, the less detail will be shown in the final result. For making a painting by number where people are at a distance, we recommend at least the size 40x60cm. This is a good size for a nice result. In the example photo, the person is fairly close. As a result, this photo gives a great result on the size 30x40cm. Apart from the fact that the photo has become very clear, this own photo offers a personal memory. With this beautiful result, this painting will be immortalized in the living room. Determining the distance is very difficult. We check hundreds of photos every day for the best results, which we do with pleasure and completely free of charge. Get a free check for your own photo order in our webshop.

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The most important aspect you should pay attention to when ordering is that you are content with the picture you order, your painting experience during the creation of your artwork, and the final result the painting gave you. This is the most important aspect of this fun hobby.

What's in a Painting by Numbers pack?

Each kit comes equipped with all the essentials to get started on your artwork right away!

Alles in 1 set

When ordering a Painting by Number, there are several aspects to consider. 1. Where does the package come from? Is the package produced in the Netherlands or China? 2. How is your painting packaged? Is it delivered in a bag or in a sturdy box so your painting is delivered neatly.

In our web shop you can be sure that your order comes from our own production and will be shipped in a sturdy box, so you can avoid problems with the delivery of your order.

Be careful where you order from

As indicated above, it is important to pay attention to where you order your painting. Everyone knows the phenomenon by now, dropshipping. You order it in the Netherlands for 5 times the price but it comes directly from China. Avoid this by paying attention to the following points:

Go exploring

Type in the provider’s name on Google with the word ‘reviews’ after it. This quickly produces a lot of results. Read the experiences of customers who have gone before you on the internet to get a better idea of the provider.

Check reviews on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is an independent platform where customers can leave a review about the webshop, these reviews cannot be removed or modified by the provider. This is the purest form of a review there is without being rigged. Checking these reviews is very important to determine if it is a good provider.

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Check the order and delivery page
Finally, you can check the provider’s order and delivery page, which shows the average delivery time for items. Does it show a very long delivery time even for standard photos? Then decide for yourself whether it is worth the long delivery time.
Want to make sure you don’t become a ‘victim’ of dropshipping? Then is the right place for you. Enjoy our fast delivery, good customer service and high quality paintings. is among the top 50 best hobby shops on Trustpilot.

Painting by numbers is good for your health

Not only is it a hugely enjoyable hobby, painting by numbers is good for your health, painting by numbers is used therapeutically for a reason.

Painting by numbers is soothing

The reason why painting by number is used therapeutically is that it is enormously calming. For instance, people with ADHD are helped by making a painting by number. Have you been feeling restless for a long time, do you have trouble falling asleep or do you suffer from other complaints that prevent you from calming down? A painting by number can be the ideal solution to your problems.

Painting by numbers is good for your self-confidence

Do you suffer from anxiety, have trouble performing under pressure or want to boost your self-confidence? Making a painting by number makes you feel more confident so you can face any challenge and get rid of your fears. The beautiful results give you a sense of satisfaction and pride in yourself. As a result, you will not experience low self-confidence for a while, because everyone is proud of you for making a beautiful painting!

Give your perseverance a boost

Making a painting by number can often get tricky, it can be disappointing and sometimes you even want to give up because it’s ‘been taking so long’ this is common with younger children. Yet persevering during the difficult period is a lesson that will stay with you all your life. Are you not a go-getter? Then this hobby is ideal for you to work on your perseverance!

Improve fine motor skills

Starting a hobby at a young age has many advantages. Starting painting by numbers at a young age improves the fine motor skills of the young artist, this helps immensely in later life. Writing more neatly goes hand in hand with painting by number. Cutting shapes and being more precise are some other benefits that painting by numbers offers to the young artist.

Improve your concentration

Filling in the little boxes on your canvas requires a lot of concentration. Working on these little boxes for a long time automatically improves concentration. This concentration boost helps in later life when studying or for adults with being more focused. Even during a long working day, you will notice more concentration when carrying out daily tasks.

Forget all problems

Is it all just too much? Grab your painting, get to work, and forget about all your problems for a while. Painting by numbers can be compared to a relaxing long walk where no one can disturb you.

Relieve muscle tension in your body

From these benefits, I am sure you have already realized that painting by numbers is very calming. This tranquillity even offers physical benefits. Do you suffer from muscle pain, joint pain, or other physical complaints? Working on your artwork is so soothing that the muscles in your body are completely relaxed.

Do these benefits appeal to you? Then take a look at our wide range and experience the benefits for yourself!

Painting on numbers adults

Painting by numbers is the ideal hobby for young and old, our online shop has paintings for the very young and for adults. With 300+ paintings, we have beautiful paintings for almost everyone in our range. The articles in our webshop are sorted into handy categories, so you can search specifically for the articles that are suitable for you.

Original price was: £39.95.Current price is: £14.95.

Painting by numbers tips

Above we have discussed the health benefits of painting by numbers for you, we have a few more tips for you to make your painting experience the best it can be!

  1. Alternate your position regularly,

    It is important to change positions regularly. Not changing positions causes stiffness in the muscles, which goes against the principle of the health benefits of a painting by numbers. Do you want to achieve the ideal painting position? Then add an easel to your order. This will help you maintain the best position while painting.

  2. Make sure your table and chair are properly adjusted for your height

    It is common for new painters to start work with a small table, a minimal workstation and a bad chair. This ensures that your posture is not good. You sit hunched over leaning on your wrists making your painting. This is not good for your neck and your back vertebrae, in the long run this will bring complaints. So make sure your workplace is perfectly adjusted to your body.

  3. Prevent tired eyes

    Painters regularly work in poorly lit rooms. A poorly lit room means you have to strain your eyes three times as much to see the same thing as in a well-lit room. As a result, your eyes get more tired and you stop painting sooner. Solve this easily with a simple desk lamp next to your canvas.

  4. Make your canvas wrinkle-free

    Regularly, customers from inferior providers receive a painting that is full of wrinkles. Remove all the creases from your canvas before you start working on your painting. Turn the canvas over and iron your canvas with an iron at a low temperature to remove the creases from your canvas.

Welcome to the Painting by number family

With the discovery of this hobby, you are now a member of a giant family with the same interests as you. These artists are busy daily creating the cutest paintings, the latest painting ways, and exchanging tips. Do you have any questions about Painting by numbers? Then don’t delay, feel free to send a message to or ask on our Facebook page. There are thousands of other enthusiastic painters ready to help you with all your questions!

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