Painting by numbers: The ultimate starter guide to 2023

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Painting is one of the most popular forms of art in society and has been around for centuries. People from all walks of life enjoy looking at a work of art. People have a natural fondness for paintings and certain colors trigger different emotions in people, leading to a pleasurable experience when we look at a work of art.

There is something about the colors, shapes, and patterns that stimulate our imagination. The colors, textures, and shapes all combine to create a visually stimulating experience that can be soothing, relaxing, or uplifting. There are countless reasons why painting is appealing to the eye, but the most common is that it can evoke positive emotions or offer a soothing escape from stress. We often look at artworks when we are feeling down or lonely because they offer us a way to escape from our reality for a while. We all have an inner artist within us, and we all admire and appreciate works of art. But only some of us know how to create paintings.

Painting by numbers is a type of painting that allows anyone of any age, gender, and skill level to create beautiful paintings. It is a popular art form where people paint with pre-numbered boxes on a canvas. The boxes usually have colors and patterns and people use them to create a painting.

In this blog, you will find the latest tips for the year 2023 on the painting by numbers. This ultimate guide will be very useful for you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced painter. If you are creating a Painting by Number for the first time, you will get an experience that is a piece of cake and you will not have to face any problems that result in learning this art the hard way.


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What is Painting by numbers

Painting by number is a fun hobby in the world of art. This art is the game changer for painting, allowing millions of people to make their dreams come true.

The popularity of this painting is huge, worldwide. And more and more people are fascinated by it and join the club of “painting by numbers” to fulfill their desire to play with paint and meaningful designs and patterns. Would you like to join the Painting by Number club? Then sign up here!

The reason for the immense success of this hobby is that it encourages people to create paintings without any experience. Instead, the painter simply chooses a set from our online shop and creates the most beautiful results!

Painting by numbers is a form of art that allows you to create professional paintings that resemble the work of an expert. Without the stress, you may experience during normal painting. Forget the amount of time, practice, patience, and skill required to create a painting. All you need is a Painting by Number kit and follow the instructions carefully, that way you will create the most beautiful works of art out there!

This type of painting is all about following a set of instructions and creating a beautiful work of art. All it takes is to carefully match the numbers on the paint with the numbered squares on the canvas. Just follow the steps and you will end up with a beautiful picture on canvas. The final product can look like a work of art but is made with simple steps and easy-to-follow instructions.

paint by numbers 9

History of Painting by numbers

The history of painting by numbers began with an American artist called Dan Robbins. In the 1940s, he started working for a company called Palmer Paint Company. 

While working there, he came up with the idea of creating a Painting by Number package. This package would contain a canvas with a numbered pattern and a set of paints. 

Robbins’ idea was based on the technique Leonardo Da Vinci used for his students or apprentices. For each kit, Robbins first painted the original artwork and then placed a plastic sheet with the sections of each color. 

Dan originally came up with the idea of teaching children how to paint. But the kits became popular among adults too. By 1950, for example, more than a million Painting by Number kits had been sold.

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The popularity of Painting by number

Although painting by numbers might have been considered a children’s activity in the past, it has become increasingly popular in recent years and is now also seen as a fun and relaxing adult activity. Many people enjoy painting by numbers because it allows them to create beautiful works of art without any experience. Moreover, because the colors and patterns are determined, there is no risk of making a mess or a mistake. As a result, painting by number is the perfect activity for those who want to enjoy the creative process without any associated stress.

How does Painting by numbers work?

Painting by Number is done with the help of a Painting by Number kit that gives you everything you need to create an amazing work of art, all using your own hands. The kit includes a high-quality canvas with a pre-printed design, the paint used in the specific design, and a set of brushes. The canvas is divided into a protected tube and has many small compartments with a specific number.

The paint is in small pots and also has specific numbers on it corresponding to the numbered sections on the canvas. The artist has to carefully read the numbers on the canvas and apply the paint in correspondence with the numbered section on the canvas. 

Each specific number is painted on the specific sections on the canvas. The basic premise of the painting by numbers is that you are given a numbered set of instructions indicating which paint to use, where to apply it, and so on. You start by painting one box with the corresponding color of paint and then move on to the next box.

What's in a package?

Productfotos 9

Durable canvas
The Durable canvas is the surface on which you paint. It can be one of the many ready-made designs found in our online shop. The canvas is a white surface that will gradually fill with color as you work on the painting. The canvas is an important part of the painting process, so make sure you take the time to choose the one you like best. You can choose between different sizes in our range.  You can take a look at the standard packages or create your own photo Painting by Number.

You get pots of paint with your Painting by Number pack which you use to apply to the canvas to fill in the boxes. The colors of these paints depend on the specific design you have chosen. Paint in a Painting by Number pack is usually acrylic paint. This type of paint is both water-soluble and non-toxic, making it a safe option for children. It also dries quickly, which can come in handy when working on a painting project.

Acrylic paint vs. oil paint

The choice between acrylic paint and oil paint for painting by numbers depends on the artist’s preferences and the effects they hope to achieve. Acrylic paints are usually more colorful and usually dry faster than oil paints, which can be a consideration when working on a project where time is of the essence. Oil paint, however, can give a richer finish that is especially suitable for portraits or landscapes. It is up to the artist to experiment with both mediums and decide what works best for their individual style. Ultimately, the choice between the two is a matter of personal preference. Some painters prefer the flexibility of oil colors while others find acrylics easier to work with

Acrylic paint
Acrylic paint is a type of paint made from an acrylic polymer and water. This type of paint dries quickly, is non-toxic, and is versatile. Acrylic paint is glossy and bright and can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including canvas, wood, and paper. Acrylic paints come in a wide range of colors and can be mixed to create additional shades. They are also relatively affordable, which makes them popular with artists and hobbyists. Acrylic paints are suitable for beginning painters.

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Oil paint

Oil color is a type of paint where the paint is made from pigments mixed with a drying oil, such as linseed oil. Oils are slow-drying, meaning they can take days, weeks, or even months to dry completely. This allows the artist to create multiple layers of paint without the colors mixing too much.

Oil paints tend to be very thick, giving great texture. Oil paint can be used to create a more subtle and knitted look. This can be both a good and a bad thing, depending on the artist’s preference. Many artists enjoy the way oil paint can create a 3-dimensional effect on a 2-dimensional canvas. Oil paint is suitable for advanced painters.

A Painting by Number brush is a type of brush designed specifically for use with Painting by Number kits. They have a very thin, pointed end that makes it easy to paint the small details in a painting. They are also very soft, which helps to create a smooth end result. The sizes and shapes of brushes vary according to the area on the canvas to be painted. So make sure you take your time to select the brushes that best suit your artwork.

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Painting on number own photo

Paint your own painting

A Painting on Number own photo is the ultimate luxury for people who love painting. This is a service where we turn your own photo into a Painting by Number. You can also choose the colors and designs you want. You can choose any picture you can think of. You can choose your own photos or the photos of loved ones. You can choose your favorite theme or style. The artist will then create a painting that meets your specifications. This is a great way to create a unique piece of art that you can be proud of.

If you are looking for a unique gift for someone special, or want to create a piece of art for your home, custom Painting by Number is the perfect solution. With this service, you can create a unique painting that will be treasured for years to come.

How do you start painting by numbers?

We have summarised the whole process of Painting by Number so that you understand the whole process of Painting by Number. Follow these steps and create an amazing work of art with your own hands.

Make sure your workshop is ready

One of the most important things to do before you start painting by numbers is to make sure you have everything ready. This means that your canvas is prepared, your paint is ready and you have any other tools or materials you might need. If possible, try to find a place in your home that you can designate as your Painting by Number area. This could be an unused corner, a small table, or even just a flat surface on the floor. If you are working on a large canvas, you might consider using an easel to keep it upright.

Read the canvas
The first thing you need to do is find out how your canvas is numbered. We have printed the numbers on the canvas in a specific order, with each number corresponding to a particular color. Reading the canvas of the painting is the most important step, as you will see which color is assigned to which part of the canvas and can start painting in the designated areas. Carefully observe the canvas of the painting. This will help you better plan your colors and areas on the canvas.

Painting the canvas
Now that you have chosen your first color, it is time to start painting! Follow the numbers on your canvas to fill in the corresponding section with paint. Work on your artwork with a focus to avoid mistakes. When you are done with one color, let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next area. Also, wash your brush thoroughly before moving on to the next area with the corresponding color. Repeat these steps until your artwork is finished.

Apply finishing touches

Now that you have finished applying the paint to your masterpiece, it is time to give it some finishing touches. After your first coat of paint has dried, apply a second coat to the areas where it is needed. This will ensure that your painting looks great when it is finished! Make sure you leave enough time for the paint to dry between coats. You can also use a brush or cloth to make the paint look smoother. Take your time and enjoy this final step in the painting process.

Let it dry

Once you have finished your painting, it is important to let it dry thoroughly. Make sure the paint is completely dry before hanging or displaying it. If not, the paint may peel or flake off, leading to a messy work of art.

Following these steps can result in beautiful results, like this client who went before you:

Prachtig resultaat scaled 1

Painting by number tips

Before you start Painting by Number, keep the following useful tips in mind to get the maximum result with minimum effort. These useful tips will greatly enhance your artwork and make it effective and efficient.

Use a flat surface

There are many advantages to using a flat surface for Painting by Number. First, the canvas will be completely smooth, making it easier to paint on it and ensuring that the paint stays neat and within the designated area. Secondly, the paint will be less likely to drip or smear and the finished painting will look more professional. This is especially beneficial if you are working on a project with precise details that need to be preserved.

Prepare the canvas

Before you start painting, it is wise to prepare your canvas first. If your canvas has dust or dirt, use a damp cloth to clean it. If your canvas has wrinkles, don’t worry. To remove the wrinkles from the canvas, you can use an iron. First, place a cloth over the canvas to protect it from the heat of the iron. Then set the iron to medium-high and press it against the canvas for about 10 seconds. The wrinkles will start to disappear.

Use a well-lit room
A well-lit room is crucial for any activity that requires a lot of precision, such as paint by numbers. You will be able to see the colors and lines better, resulting in a more accurate final product. When working on a Paint by Numbers project, make sure you choose an area with enough light so you can see clearly.

Use a good chair
Using a good chair when working on Painting by Number gives a lot of stability and ensures that the painting will turn out well. If you are looking for ways to improve your skills and get a better result, using a good chair can be the best way to do this. You can also use a chair to ensure that you stay in the right posture while painting. This can be especially useful if you are new to this activity.

Use a glass of water and paper
When you are done with one color, wash your brush thoroughly before moving on to the next one. One of the best ways to clean brushes is to use paper and a cup of water. To do this, first, fill a cup with water and moisten the brush. Then place the brush in the center of a piece of paper and fold the paper around the bristles. Gently rub the brush back and forth against the piece of paper until the paint is gone from the brush.

Welcome to the Paint by Number family

With the discovery of this hobby, you are now a member of a giant family with the same interests as you. These artists are busy every day creating the cutest paintings, the latest painting techniques, and sharing tips and tricks. Do you have questions about a painting, Painting by Number, or just want to chat? Then don’t delay, feel free to send a message to or ask on our Facebook page. There are thousands of other enthusiastic painters ready to help you with all your questions!

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