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Want to get started with a motif other than an “ordinary” standard photo? Then a Painting on Number own photo is ideal to get started with. This can be any photo or image – of yourself, with your friends, acquaintances, loved ones, your family, or your pet, which you can immortalize forever as a beautiful painting.

We can personalize your artwork by uploading a photo to our site and ordering your Own Photo Painting on Number with a design of your choice.

In this blog, we will explain to you all about Painting on number of own photos, how to get started, how to get the best result, and the best painting techniques. By the end of this blog, we hope you have all the information you need to decorate your home with your own beautiful paintings.

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Own photo Painting on number

You must be wondering why you would order a personalised Painting by Number package and what are the benefits of creating this painting. The results on the canvas offer us an endless experience that you will enjoy for years to come. Making a Painting by Number is not only fun, it is also very relaxing and soothing. Not to mention the end result that you will enjoy for years to come!

What is Painting by Number?

Painting by number is a wildly popular hobby where a picture is divided into different areas, each area is given its own number. This number matches a paint colour that is also numbered. When you paint the right areas on the picture with the right colours, the result is beautiful!

The painting consists of all separate areas, these areas have no colour yet and are just white squares on a canvas. You will connect these areas together using the paint, ensuring that the canvas is brought to life.

The great thing about a Painting on number own photo is that you don’t need any experience at all. Your friends and family will be blown away by the beautiful result of your painting.

This concept of Painting by Number was also used by one of the world’s greatest inventors. Leonardo Da Vinci had his student’s colour-numbered areas to better master the technique of painting.

Painting on with your own photo

Making a Painting on Number own photo can be more motivating than making a standard painting. Why do you ask yourself? It’s very simple, because you are working on a personal memory, an image that you value that will instantly connect you to your canvas. The gradual creation of this painting will be a process you will never forget. The result will be something unique.

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For the beginner to the experienced artist

A Painting on number own photo from is suitable for beginners who have never painted before and for the experienced artist whose house is full of beautiful works of art, they have painted before. In short, our kits are suitable for anyone who wants to get creative. With a complete, ready-to-use set, you can get started immediately after receiving your order. Like an experienced artist, you can fall in love with painting a personalized painting, you are in control and decide how many details your painting will consist of!

All in 1 set – Get started right away!

The packages from are equipped with all the accessories you need to get started right away. You no longer have to doubt which bristles are best for the canvas. You get the best brushes to start your painting. Do you want to get started with premium accessories? Then we recommend taking a look at our accessories, they will make your painting experience even better!


Useful accessories

While ordering, you will have noticed that there are a few options you can tick, these options are here for a reason. They contribute to a better painting experience, as we recommend a DIY frame for almost every order. This is because a DIY frame ensures a beautiful result and makes it easier to hang your painting. So when placing an order, take a careful look at the accessories to create the most beautiful artwork imaginable!

Painting on number own photo, the number of colours

We are regularly asked what the difference is when you choose 24,36 or 48 colours. The answer is very simple – details! Painting by Number is all about the details, which is why we have also added this option for you. The amount of colours will allow more areas to be brought to life on the canvas, resulting in a higher degree of detail. This can be tricky to understand, which is why we have included a picture so you can see the difference between the colour options.

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Improve your creative skills

There is a wide range of Painting by Number of themes. This is a great way to try out new styles and develop your creativity. It takes practice to master the different painting techniques, but practice makes perfect. You will soon notice this after you have spent some time working on your first painting.

Reduce stress

Painting is used as a healing therapy and stress relief, building a painting habit has many long-term benefits, we have described these benefits in detail in a blog, are you curious about the benefits? Then click here.

Painting on number making your own photo in 4 steps

Want to start painting on number own photo? Follow these 4 steps for the best results.

  1. Choose a photo, this can be any photo, a photo from a magazine, a photo from the internet or one with a lot of emotional value. Having doubts about the quality? Don’t worry, our professionals check every photo uploaded.
  2. Then select the size of your painting, for a square photo we recommend 40x40cm or 50x50cm. For an oblong photo, we recommend 40x50cm or 40x60cm. You don’t have to worry about whether the size fits the photo, we check every order to guarantee the best result!
  3. Choose the number of colours you want on your canvas, the number of colours determines the amount of detail on your painting. Choose the number of colours carefully for the best result!
  4. Add the complete order to the shopping basket, just fill in the address details and checkout. We will immediately start working on your order and make sure it is delivered within about 14 days!

Set the difficulty level yourself

A nice photo is not just a picture but a memory, our goal is not to make a quick sale but a long-term memory. The degree of difficulty depends on which photo you choose, how many details are on it, and how many different colors the image contains. This together determines the degree of difficulty. You bring these details and these colors to life on a personalized canvas, which is a lot different from a standard picture. The pride that a finished painting brings with itself is indescribable.

Upload your own photo and create unique works of art

Your friends and family will be surprised when they see your own photo hanging on the wall as a work of art for the first time. Whether flowers, animals, people or a group photo, the finished painting will impress everyone you know!

Another way to share your pride of your result is in our Facebook community, which includes active Painting by Number hobbyists who love to share their results. Visit our Painting by Number facebook community.

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Why a Painting on Number own photo?

A Painting on number own photo offers you the opportunity to immortalise a memory. Capture a beautiful moment on a canvas and never forget this moment. You can take all your favourite photos without any painting experience. But the personalisation does not stop there, because you can also decide in which format you want the picture, how many colours you want to use, 24/36 or 48 colours and whether you want to receive a frame with your painting. We leave the choice entirely up to you!

Create a personalised photo

Each of our packages includes a handy manual, which describes how to get the best results with your painting by number. However, it never hurts to have a few extra tips and tricks. We have collected and listed some handy tips and tricks for you.

  1. Always close the paint pots properly We strongly recommend closing the paint pots immediately when you are not using the paint, even for a few minutes. Acrylic paint can dry out very quickly. Once the paint has dried a little, you can restore its texture with a small drop of water, stir for 2 to 3 minutes and the paint is as good as new!
  2. Order a do it yourself frame It is much easier to work on a canvas that already has a frame tied to the back, you can do this yourself or leave it to us. Would you like to receive your canvas ready-made? Then don’t forget to select that option!
  3. Take small breaks while painting You are probably very excited and want to get started immediately with your new Painting by Number pack, it is important not to work all at once. This can have disadvantages, such as hand pain and/or back pain. To avoid these problems, we recommend taking regular small breaks!
  4. Keep brushes clean Wash brushes thoroughly, this will prevent the bristles from becoming stiff. After using a brush, we recommend washing it briefly under the tap or with a bowl of water. This way your brushes will last longer!
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