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Flowers have many therapeutic benefits and let’s face it, a lot of us really enjoy looking at flowers. Scientific research has shown that flowers can be linked to our happiness. Flowers are able to improve our mood, reduce our stress and help with anxiety. Painting flowers have an additional therapeutic effect, for when it is a Painting by Number flowers!

Flowers release a ‘happy substance’ in our brain, these are Dopamine and Serotonin. Thanks to flowers, we are able to be connected to nature. Painting by numbers and other fun creative hobbies have been shown to reduce stress and help us concentrate while providing relaxation. We are convinced that Flowers and Painting by Number are the perfect combinations!

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Did you know that there are as many as 400,000 different types of flowers in the world? The most sold flowers in the world are roses. So if you want to paint a bouquet, don’t forget to add at least one rose to your artwork. But is it that easy to paint a bouquet?

Painting flowers is easy when you choose a Painting by Number bouquet. We have a wide range of the cutest bouquets, which we will cover later in the blog. In this blog, we hope you will learn a lot about art and Painting by Numbers. At the end we have added a quick guide as a bonus, would you like a comprehensive guide to Painting by numbers? We have written a very nice blog about that. Have fun reading it!

Flowers & Lifestyle – Painting on number flowers

In today’s society, flowers are given to loved ones as a token of thanks or out of love for each other. Whether it is a very great love or gratitude, flowers are a nice gift for anyone and at any time. A Painting on number flowers is also a wonderful gift. It is also possible to have us make your Painting by Number, we will paint it for you and send it to you ready-made, you are completely free in this choice! But one thing is for sure, this is a form of flower giving that you don’t often see coming.

Meanings of Flowers

From roses to lilies and daisies, all types of flowers send a different message, it is useful to know what a flower stands for before giving it as a gift. After all, you don’t want to send the wrong message. Even if you want to give a Painting on a number of flowers as a gift, the meaning behind the flowers is important.

  1. Daisies This flower represents innocence, the cheerful little flowers are very nice to give.
  2. Iris The Iris is seen as a royal flower, so they stand for kingship, but also for wisdom and respect. It is a great compliment if you receive a bouquet of irises, even if it is a Painting by Number bouquet.
  3. Lily Lily bouquets are part of the merriest bouquets around and have very cheerful meanings. Remember that different colours have different meanings with lilies. For instance, white lilies represent purity but pink lilies represent prosperity, red lilies represent passion and orange lilies represent pride. Express your gratitude with the beautiful yellow lilies. Would you like to start painting flowers? Then we recommend you start with lilies.
  4. Hibiscus This is not only a delicious tea, the hibiscus is a symbol of beauty. The flower is often used in Hawaiian hula symbolism, as it is the official flower of the state.
  5. Magnolia These beautiful blossoms adorn the trees when spring arrives, arousing joy in everyone who sees them. Therefore, it is only natural that they symbolize the love of nature.
  6. Lavender From its delicious fragrance to its beautiful purple color, a bouquet of lavender is a message of devotion. The flowers also have calming and aroma-therapeutic properties. A bouquet of lavender is the perfect gift for someone with a busy life or someone who needs some relaxation. For ultimate stress relief, there is nothing better than a Painting by Number lavender bouquet.
  7. Anemone The name Anemone comes from the Greek word for wind (anemos) because their life is so short. These flowers are known for their fragility. Since these little flowers don’t have too long a life span, it is nice to admire them in a garden or as Paintings by Number.

Painting on number flowers pictures

You don’t need years of painting experience to create a Painting by Number flower painting! All you need is a little water and the desire to bring a beautiful canvas to life. How does Painting by numbers work? You receive a canvas, this canvas is divided into numbered areas, these areas overlay the paint you also receive. This paint is numbered just like the areas. Painting these areas ensures that you will create a beautiful work of art.

You can use our package to get started right away with a beautiful Painting by Number or you can give this package as a gift! Painting flowers has never been easier. The Painting-by-Number flowers are very easy to paint and there is no need to mix the colours, so you can get started with your painting effortlessly.

Our extensive range includes a wide range of many different canvases for you to choose from, such as

Flowers in a vase
Birds and flowers

And many more! These works of art are so realistic that you will feel their scent in your own home!

Painting on number flowers in vase

Awaken the artist in you by bringing these flowers to life yourself! You can paint a beautiful tulip or sunflower with a butterfly on top, or paint a beautiful and very popular Painting on song flowers in a vase package. Whatever you choose to work on, at you will find the most beautiful Painting by Number flowers for everyone!

Bring a lasting summer feeling into your home with a fun sunflower painting on the number. The bright yellow tones of the petals and the blue sky give you the feeling of a warm field full of cute sunflowers all year round.

Painting on a number Birds and flowers

You might also like to get started with a fun Painting by Number birds and flowers pack. This motif brightens up any room and is already in thousands of living rooms worldwide. I can safely say that this is one of the most popular paintings. Why do you ask yourself? This painting fits in almost any living room furthermore, painting this package is very easy. Just follow the instructions that come with each package and you will bring a beautiful painting to life in no time!

Painting on numbers flowers extensive range

Flowers are very popular among artists, as can be seen by the amount of artists who have created a beautiful painting of flowers. Now you yourself can enjoy some famous flower paintings created by Famous artists and even be able to paint them yourself!

Visit our Painting by Number Famous Artists page, choose one or more paintings from our large selection, and add them to your cart. Only reliable payment processors are used, so you don’t have to worry about payment. If you take a look at the price, you will notice that there are no shipping costs! Fill your shopping basket with many lovely bouquets or choose one beautiful painting to draw your attention to.

So you can spend an afternoon working on the beautiful Sunflowers Van Gogh painting and turn a boring afternoon into a very creative painting afternoon!

Painting flowers Still life

It has never been easier to paint still life and beautiful flowers, even without any experience. Flowers are considered difficult to paint, this is because of their many small detailed parts, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a try! The beautiful fiery red colours jumping off the painting, paint these beautiful details and then immortalise them on your wall. Is this everyone’s sneaky dream? Does the fear of not having enough skills to do this hold you back? Don’t worry. Everyone is capable of creating works of art with Painting by Number.

At, you have a wide choice of Flowers in vase, flower fields, flowers by famous artists and many more beautiful Painting-by-Number packages. Choose the most beautiful paintings and get to work after you receive your order!

Red roses

It is common knowledge that red roses are one of the most romantic flowers. They are the perfect flower for Valentine’s Day and represent love and longing

Red tulips

Red sultanas are not the only flowers with romantic significance. Red tulips are also considered a declaration of love and are particularly beautiful in spring.

Flowers on the table

One of the most important things to bear in mind while painting is to follow instructions carefully. It is possible to place a bouquet on the table, so you also have a physical reference to look at while you get started on your painting. While painting, it is important to be constantly attentive to the details you might otherwise miss. Painting Flowers on a Table is based on the same principle. Success is in the details and patience!

Painting a field of flowers

A useful tip when creating Painting by numbers flowers is to paint each element separately. Start at the core of the flower field, then work your way from petal to petal until you have created a flower field in your living room on a beautiful canvas. This is very challenging with a whole field of flowers, but the reward is greater when the painting is finished. We guarantee you that!

BONUS: A quick Painting by Number guide

Painting by number is very easy. We have listed some tips to create a beautiful painting by number flower artwork:

  1. Have a bowl of water ready to clean brushes after use. Avoid staining the table by using newspapers as a pad.
  2. Paint the corresponding number on the appropriate area. You can choose to work by area or you can work by number, we recommend the latter. This works efficiently saves cleaning, and is an optimal way to get started.
  3. Paint the colors as thick as necessary and cover the lines and numbers well. With our canvases, you don’t have to worry about putting a lot of effort into covering the lines. We have high-quality paint and high-quality canvases.
  4. Make sure you seal the jars tightly, as the paint can dry up quickly.
  5. We recommend washing the brushes immediately after use, this will prevent the bristles from hardening.
  6. Mistake! Don’t worry! Let the paint dry and paint over it calmly with the right color.

TIP: No matter which technique you use, the most important thing is to have fun. If necessary, mix both techniques we discussed above, enjoy your painting and relax!

It’s very easy to get started making a beautiful Painting by Number flower!

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