Popular Painting by Number mistakes and how to avoid them

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Painting by numbers is a hobby enjoyed by young and old alike, the possibilities are limitless. Painting by number shop has a wide range with 300+ different paintings, also you have the possibility to create a Painting by number own photo package.

Whether you are a young child looking for a new hobby or if you are older and looking for a way to express your feelings in a different way. Painting by number is among the 100 best hobbies at the moment. This is not without reason, it is a fun, creative and productive way that has benefits for your physical and mental health.

The best aspect of this hobby is that you can make art and even with two left hands. Anyone can paint. It is a very fun hobby for the beginner and the experienced artist.

If you are a new artist then painting by numbers is the ideal way to boost your confidence and refresh your talents. It will introduce you to the brushes, canvas and paint that come with your kit.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced artist, the packages will help you get well on your way to learning the different techniques. So it’s a win-win situation for every artist. Simply paint the right number paint on the right number. Despite painting by numbers being an easy activity, many mistakes are still made that can diminish your painting experience. In this blog, we tackle common mistakes during number painting and how to avoid them.

Purchasing a low-quality package

Buying a cheap painting is the most common mistake made by new and experienced artists. With painting by numbers, the principle cheap is expensive very much applies. Choosing a high-quality painting will give your painting experience a huge boost. An original painting by number package will give you the best painting experience you can get. A good painting-by-number package is well-packed, there is no paint wasted, and the canvas is not damaged in transit.

Not following the guide

On our website, we have created some really good guides to make your painting experience the best. In this blog, we have made the best guide for 2022. Click here to read the guide. We also recommend taking a picture of the canvas before you start your artwork.

Starting with the light colours

A rule of thumb is to always start with the dark colours and work your way up to the lighter colours. Starting with the dark colours helps to correct mistakes more easily later on. The ze colours often form the background and give you more confidence to continue with your painting.

Start at the bottom

Another rule of thumb is to always paint from top to bottom. To be precise, if you are right-handed then you should start with the top left corner. If you are left-handed, then you should start at the top right corner. Why? So you avoid accidentally smearing your paint by hand.

Failure to clean brushes properly

Brushes are an essential part of your painting journey, you should clean them regularly and thoroughly. Painting by number kits have brushes with acrylic brushes these dry more easily. A must is to paint immediately when you open a pot. Click here for instructions on how to clean your brushes as thoroughly as possible.

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