Prevent back pain during Painting by Number

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Are you regularly involved in fun hobbies such as Painting by Number or Diamond Painting? Then it is easy to lose track of the time spent. Making a Painting by Number can sometimes take hours. Before you know it, it’s time to get up and it’s hit. You feel the backache. This happens regularly while performing this fun hobby. We have listed some tips & methods to reduce and, in some cases, even prevent this problem!

Go stretch!

I regularly catch myself leaning forward while painting. Do you also recognise this problem? Fortunately, you are not the only one! 🙋‍♀️

Painting by numbers is great fun, in many cases you get lost in time and lost in your pose. Especially when you are immensely excited to frame and hang your painting. Working bent over in one position for too long causes a lot of discomfort in your neck and back.

We therefore recommend taking regular breaks to stretch your muscles. There are many simple stretching exercises you can do from your office chair. These simple exercises can work wonders.

After or during an intensive painting session, you will experience great relief and ease to take a stretching break. Very handy is to set a timer to take structured breaks. You obviously want to create a beautiful painting, but this should not be at the expense of your back.

Use a seat cushion

A simple but very effective trick among hobbyists is to use a chair cushion while making the painting. A chair cushion is easy to use on any chair. Perhaps the chair cushion is the ideal solution which means you don’t have to buy a new chair, saving a lot of precious euros.

The cushions reduce back and shoulder pain by absorbing the pressure from your tailbone. A chair cushion also offers many benefits for improving blood circulation. The chair cushion is the ideal solution to get rid of back pain at an economical price.

Ensure good posture

Reducing back and shoulder pain can be solved with proper posture. As discussed above, leaning forward while working at a desk is never good for the back. Yet this is very tempting while painting and common. As a result, this is one of the most common reasons why experienced hobbyists experience pain in the back, shoulders and or tailbone. An incorrect posture creates tension on the muscles, these muscles you use while painting. The tension on the muscles, combined with the concentration required while making your painting, makes it easy to experience pain. You want to avoid this, of course!

A good posture starts with:

  • Ensuring that the back is well supported
  • Feet are fully resting on the floor
  • All supplies are within easy reach
  • Maintaining a straight back as much as possible

This small list of tips can work wonders to get rid of back pain and maybe even prevent back pain.

Time for a new chair

Have the above tips & methods unfortunately not helped, then it is time to buy a new chair. Working from an old wooden kitchen chair seems very easy at the beginning, this unfortunately causes many long-term back problems that we discussed above. Although a chair cushion is a good middle ground for not buying a new chair. You will still experience the most benefit on an ergonomic office chair.

An ergonomic chair is made for comfort and prolonged sitting. This chair is formulated to support your posture where necessary and reduce symptoms.

There are a lot of ways & methods to reduce back and shoulder pain. Do you have other methods that have helped you? Share them with our community, maybe you will help someone get rid of their back pain!

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