Prevent eye strain during Painting by Number

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It is common when you get started with a new Painting by Number pack, you completely forget about time. For hours you are working on your painting and you don’t even notice it. The longer you are working on your Painting by Number, the more your eyes may start to get irritated or tired. The last thing you want to do is put your Painting away, luckily you don’t have to! Tired eyes are common among enthusiastic hobbyists. You don’t always have to take a break to combat eye strain, here are some tips and methods you can use to reduce fatigue.

Looking away for a moment

A proven and very effective way to combat eyestrain is to regularly look away from your canvas. Make sure to take small breaks and shift your focus to something in the distance. This could be anything, a vase, the TV or your pet!

Stretching and stretching the wrists during these breaks can help immensely to prevent any minor aches and pains you might suffer after a long and fun painting session. This contributes to a healthy habit to continue your Painting by Number hobby in a healthy way.

Make use of good lighting

There are many benefits to properly lighting your workshop. Sometimes the numbers on your canvas are very small, good lighting contributes to the healthiest way to paint. You create good lighting by, for example, sitting near the window, pointing a desk lamp at your canvas or having an extra lamp hanging above you. Changing the bulb in your lamps can contribute to improved lighting. This results in less tired eyes!

Get your eyes checked

If the above tips do not help and you still experience irritated and or tired eyes, it is time to get your eyes checked.

Although the above tips and strategies help reduce eye strain, getting your eyes checked is very important. There may have been another change in your vision that could be an underlying reason for eyestrain.

Many people experience eye relief by applying the above tips and methods. Do you have other tips that are applicable to this blog? Let us know in the comments!

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