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Is your child experiencing difficulty with a subject at school? A lack of concentration or little to no interest in learning? And or has the inconsistency of the pandemic taken a toll on learning?
Whether your child suffers from all the above or just one of the scenarios mentioned. Getting your child to excel inside and outside the classroom is very simple. is here with just practical advice to encourage your child outside the classroom!

Provide the right equipment

We currently live in a digital age, this has many disadvantages for young children. Although you don’t want your child to spend too much time behind a screen, technology also has many advantages for your child’s development. It is very important to have the right materials to stimulate your child outside the classroom. Think of this as a reasonable phone, headphones and or a computer on which they can do the exercises even better. After all, you want to encourage them to develop even more instead of working against them.

Embrace creativity

Basic subjects at school are not suitable for every child. Simply put, some children find school more difficult, this is often not because they cannot learn. The key is to find a way that your child gets enough challenge while not fading interest in a subject. For many children, this means having opportunities to express their creativity.
Creativity is fun. Let your child write a song, painting by numbers, or make a short video, and embrace the creativity they put into making something special themselves. Providing space for them to invent something themselves and express themselves in ways that are considered ‘unusual’ nowadays helps your child’s development immensely.
Are you working on a creative project together and your child decides not to follow the rules and put his own creativity into what you are working on? Embrace the creativity and see where this creativity leads the project.

Make use of educational activities

There are some practical activities you can do with your child to boost educational skills outside the classroom. Some ideas are:

📖 Reading together (outdoors)
Reading aloud to your child can do wonders to build a foundation for language skills. To make it more interesting, you can read outside. The atmosphere of nature creates an unforgettable experience.

➕ Arithmetic games
Math is an essential skill that you will need all your life. Unfortunately, not many children are interested in getting better at arithmetic. Help your child get started by playing math games, with cards or dice.

We hope these tips help you get started and your child’s development, do you have other ways to encourage your child’s development? If so, share them in the comments below!

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