Shell necklace painting

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Summer may be over, but you can keep the memories alive by making beautiful mermaid necklaces from shells. Not only is this a fun activity for a rainy day, but it also results in unique jewelry or decorations. Here’s how to create your own enchanting mermaid necklace:


  • Shells : Collected shells from the beach.
  • Acrylic paint : Colors like purple, pink, turquoise, and green.
  • Glitter : White and colored glitter for decoration.
  • Nail Polish or Varnish : For sealing the shells.
  • Glitter stones : For extra decoration.
  • Hand drill : To drill holes in the shells.
  • Chain or Rope : To hang the shells.
  • Brush or Glue : For applying paint and stones.

Painting shell necklace


  1. Drilling Holes : If you have shells without holes, use a hand drill to make them.
  2. Painting : Start with pink paint at the narrow end of the shell, followed by purple, turquoise and green towards the wider end.
  3. Add glitter : Sprinkle white glitter on one shell and colored glitter according to the paint colors on the other shell.
  4. Sealing : Use acrylic varnish or clear nail polish to seal the shells and allow drying time.
  5. Decorate with Rhinestones : Attach glitter stones with glue for extra sparkle.
  6. Threading : Thread a chain or string through the hole in the shell.

Painting shell necklace

Additional Ideas:

  • Painting by Numbers : If you like painting, try painting by numbers with acrylic paint and various motifs.
  • More Painting Projects : Consider painting bicycles, picture frames or Easter eggs for more creative projects.

With these simple steps you can create a beautiful mermaid shell necklace that will make a unique addition to your outfit or interior. Enjoy the process and the beautiful results!

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