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Why a still life painting by number is so much fun to make? Painting turns out to be a fun hobby for many people. While there are plenty of people who make a living selling paintings, there are more people who do it as a hobby. Because acrylic offers excellent results, this type of paint is the most commonly used by hobby painters. It is further easy to use, and readily available.

A still life painting by numbers is usually the most popular, although almost anything can be painted. But, what really is a still life painting by number? This blog will reveal the answer to this question, and follow with some tips on how to paint a still life painting by number.

What is a still life painting by number?

First of all, the term ‘still life’. A still life is an artistic composition, like a painting, of motionless or lifeless objects that have been carefully lit. A well-known example is Vincent van Gogh’s vase of poppies.

By painting a still life, the painter can concentrate on composition and the use of colour and tonal values, and the smooth distinction of colour nuances (light and dark). Although still-life paintings have been made of moving objects, such as insects, this is seen as just an exception. An important point; people do not belong in a still life. Furthermore, most of the best-known paintings are still lifes.

Benefits of painting a still life by number

There are a number of advantages when painting a still life by number. For instance, you can spend months or years on the painting. After all, the object you are painting does not move. An exception, of course, is when you paint fruit; these rot after a few days or weeks. So there is some time pressure, but not as much as in a portrait, where a human face is painted. Moreover, you can simply repaint once the composition is made. If you start painting from scratch, you might lack inspiration, and get frustrated.

A still life doesn’t have to be exact; you can also put your own personal spin on it. You can put certain accents differently, giving your artwork an even more personal touch!

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