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Do you ever feel stressed or anxious? Perhaps you are (or have been) dealing with burnout. Let help you! We at Painting by Number Shop have experienced first-hand how relaxing painting by numbers is. In this blog, we would like to tell you why we can help you and the advantages of the painting by numbers. Are you curious? Then read on quickly!

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What is stress?

  •  Stress arises when too much tension is present for too long. 
  • Three types of stress can be distinguished, exciting stress, frustrating stress, and ultimately harmful stress.
  • Stress has different causes. Popular causes include a high workload, illness, or the loss of a loved one.
  • The manifestation of stress can be physical but also psychological symptoms. It is noticeable in feelings, behavior, and/or thoughts. 
  • The longer you are stressed, the longer it takes to recover from the stress.
  • Are you unable to reduce stress yourself? Then seek help from a doctor, psychologist, or life coach.

In short, we can say that stress is actually nothing but tension or pressure. So stress is not necessarily always bad for you. You need a certain level of stress to function well. Healthy stress is the tension you feel before, say, an exam, performance, job interview, or that important presentation at work. 

But when stress has negative effects on your health, it is therefore unhealthy stress. Then it is important to seek rest for your body and for your mind. 

Art and drawing are widely known as great methods to help reduce stress. That is why there is a big sector called art therapy. Just look at children, when they start with their pencils, paintings, or crafts, they are busy for hours and forget about everything around them for a while. You can overwhelmingly see that it relaxes and it gives pleasure. It is very unfortunate but among adults this is not often thought of, to reach for creativity in times of stress.

Why painting by numbers?

Creating a Painting by Number is a great and increasingly popular way to distract your mind from the stress factors in your life. When you are being creative, you switch on a part of your brain and can become totally absorbed in what you are creating. Even if you spend only 30-45 minutes a day on your creative hobby. Painting by numbers will clear your head and you can look at and approach your problems with new eyes again.

It is common knowledge that meditation is good for clearing your head. When you are busy with your creative creation, your brain is recharging by shifting its focus to something else. Painting by numbers can actually help make your stress and your ability to cope with stressful situations. So painting by number is a fine form of art where you can experience this ultimate calm.

Sometimes stress gets worse if you don’t give yourself a moment of peace. Sometimes life can present a lot of setbacks in a short period of time that you forget to sit and relax. If you spend even one hour every day doing some form of art, this could be drawing, painting, or crafting. This hour gives your brain time to unwind and relax. Painting by numbers is often a bigger project which also allows you to build towards a bigger picture that you can be proud of in the end!

In short, life is very active, people are constantly busy and stressed. Between your work, children, and friends, there is unfortunately not much time for yourself. But once you start doing Painting by Number routinely in your daily life, you will find that it helps with stress reduction and getting more rest for yourself. Of course, you are not limited to just Painting by Number, you can also choose another hobby such as Diamond painting, drawing, or origami.

So Painting by Number is actually one of the best gifts you can give yourself, so this can also be done in a personalized way. Would you like to create a personal work of art that is soothing? Then take a look at the Painting by number own photo page.

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