The 4 best Christmas gifts!

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We are all very busy, especially with the holidays around the corner. Some with school, others with work. And especially after recent times, everyone needs some love. Especially the love we give to each other! And let the perfect opportunity be just around the corner… It’s almost Christmas!

At, we love Christmas immensely. We regularly receive the question ‘what is the very best Christmas present?’. 

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#4 An original gift.

Finding the perfect gift is seen by many people as the hardest thing in the world. “Will they like it?”, “What if the shirt is too small?”. An original and well-thought-out gift will show that you have put effort and thought into the perfect one that suits you well. Therefore, you can be sure that your gift will be received with love! It also shows that you have taken the time to think of a fun and original gift rather than simply buying something and getting rid of it.

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#3 Send a nice card!

Greeting cards with Paintings by Number don’t have to take a lot of work. These are often only a part of to paint. So this is also a good starting point to get started with Painting by Number. It is of course very nice to receive such a personalized card. It shows that you have shown extra effort to put a smile on the recipient’s face. Giving an unfinished Christmas card is also nice, which the recipient can paint themselves. Painting-by-number cards are a perfect starting point for the beginner painter.

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#2 Brighten up the house!

A Painting by Number Christmas pack is the ideal way to brighten up your home in a unique way. The packages are unique and only available from us in the United of Kingdom. The paintings have fun colors, and designs and make your house a home. These packs also come in spring designs for those who are already thinking ahead!

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#1 The ultimate Christmas gift!

The very best gift you can give is, of course, a Painting on Number own photo. This could be a holiday memory, a beautiful family photo, or a picture of someone’s pet. It is completely unique if you have already made this painting yourself. How much the recipient will appreciate your hard work and the beautiful painting will have a nice spot in the house for years to come! It is also fun to give an unfinished package. For us, a Painting by Number own photo is the number one Christmas gift to give but also to get.

Friends or family still looking for a nice Christmas present? Refer them to this blog! Do you have another fun and unique Christmas gift of your own? Share it in the comments and help other people find the ideal Christmas gift!

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